I will play this for my Lillie (she will be 6) when her Mom and I take her to DisneyWorld in March. The 3 of us will need a little calming down! She loves music♥

Seesaws and Seagulls

I remember reading an article about how the music you listen to in the car affects your driving.

I hadn’t really thought much about it, but realised it was true.

When scanning for stations and tuning in to Classic FM I felt much calmer than when listening to Bohemian Rhapsody!

I was reminded of all this when I put Humphrey Berney’s Slumberland into my car stereo last week.


The effect was almost immediate. The gorgeous melodies and subtle arrangements are so soothing.

My youngest was definitely calmer whilst Humphrey’s voice filled the car – I just need the digital version so we can listen to it wherever we are!

You can listen to samples from the album here.

The artwork by Humphrey’s wife, fashion designer Charlotte Berney, is also worth a special mention. It really is beautiful.


As you can see the case was an immediate hit…


The album…

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