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Our biggest music video ever! As seen on Chinese TV last week by over 280 million viewers watching popular show ‘I-Supermodel’. We next appear on Chinese screens on February 8th, for the BTV Spring New Years Gala concert, backed by the Venice Chamber Orchestra and a 200 strong children’s choir! Join us for more videos!

bandicam 2016-01-16 20-13-33-183


Stephen Bowman January 7 at 12:58pm ·
Something fun for Chinese friends! We boys attempting ‘May Kway oh May Kway’ with the three finalists of I-Supermodel, whilst filming a music video for ‘To The Sun’ with them. Really lovely girls!

bandicam 2016-01-16 20-17-53-235



Stephen Bowman performs “When I fall In Love” at The Phoenix Theatre in Blyth 2015

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Stephen Bowman performs “When I fall In Love”

Stephen Bowman: Our new #BLAKE tour show features solo songs from each of the singers, this is mine. Nat King Cole’s ‘When I Fall In Love’ – such a joy to sing this classic. Wish I’d been around in that era of music, so many beautiful songs and great singers. X

Sherrill Klaus 💖 Standing Ovation for you 💖 Bravissimo❗ Encore❗ Bravo❗


from Royal Hippodrome ad Dec 17th

Join the festivities with BLAKE singing ‪#‎ChristmasClassics‬ 🎄🎶
‪#‎InHarmony‬ at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne
Thursday December 17th 8:00pm
You too can be a friend

The Royal Hippodrome Friends
We are looking forward to welcoming BLAKE, who recently became patrons of the Friends, back to the theatre on Saturday 18th July at 8 pm. Blake in Harmony is the title for this new live show featuring their new album and new songs.
The other exciting news is that they will be back again with Christmas With Blake on Thursday 17th December again at 8 pm.
There is a great offer too. If you buy tickets for both shows at the same time you will get 10% off the total.
We hope to see you there.


bandicam 2015-07-04 12-44-01-718

bandicam 2015-07-04 12-43-50-108

In their hearts around world 2

Music brings us all closer together
🎶 Live in concert and in our hearts 💗
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Blake Passion shared Feeedr’s post.
22 mins · June 13, 2015
“To Love Somebody’ from BLAKE at The Grand Venue
See them Live July 4th Symphony at The Tower Hoghton Tower…/sat-4th-julyFeeedr
See a Snippet of what’s in Store for you at Symphony at The Tower with this short Edit of Blake’s Concert at The Grand,


Vocal group has devoted support

Blake with Dame Shirley Bassey

Blake with Dame Shirley Bassey

When Dame Shirley Bassey first saw male vocal group Blake perform on ITV’s this Morning eight years ago she was so smitten that she requested they perform at her birthday party that same night.

Since then Dame Shirley has watched Blake in many live concerts, including a recent preview of their latest show called ‘In Harmony’, currently touring the UK.

It’s this show that Blake will be bringing to Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome on Saturday July 18. They will be performing two hours of uplifting and emotional music from the pop, classical and musical worlds, songs picked from six albums spanning their eight year career, including their BRIT-Award winning debut album, and their latest offering ‘In Harmony’. Combined with chat and comedy, live instruments, stunning projected videos and dramatic lighting, Blake are assured to thrill anyone with a love of powerful songs and ratpack fun.

Blake has an impressive CV of achievements including multi-platinum selling albums, regular appearances on TV, three performances in front of the Queen and various worldwide tours to Asia, America, Russia and Europe. However, it’s the constant support of loyal fans that has contributed to their long lasting success, from performing alongside them on stage to funding them through PledgeMusic to create fifth album ‘In Harmony’. Box office 01323 802020.

16:27Monday 08 June 2015


Blake at the Phoenix Theatre, Blyth

Blake posted

Voices of Hope Choir with Blake

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11033149_10153499166885466_6097821425923108376_n 11053176_10153059849784633_1355258834082059652_n

Blake posted4 bandicam 2015-06-07 14-15-49-832

bandicam 2015-06-06 11-06-22-765

Blake at Alnwick Playhouse


bandicam 2015-06-05 11-32-01-018


bandicam 2015-06-05 11-31-45-327 June 5, 2015

Now I have an album “for my trip to London to see Blake” photos ❤📷☺


When the voice of an angel sings…listen 🎶
BLAKE singing ‘Moon River’

Ahead of their show at The Little Theatre later this month, Stephen Bowman, from ‪#‎Blake‬, reveals his ‘firsts’.
First Up: Stephen Bowman, from classical man-band Blake


FIRST MEMORY: Wow, let me think. I think the first thing I can genuinely remember was banging away on a piano in our very first home. It was a white piano my parents bought from an auction house and it didn’t work very well, the frame was broken. I can remember being very young, probably only about two or three, sitting down with this huge set of keys in front of me and making this huge racket, but thinking I was brilliant.
FIRST SCHOOL: St Stephen’s Primary, in Bath. I was a very fussy eater as a child so consequently I struggled with the meals they cooked at school. I became very, very good at hiding the food on my plate, often on the floor or inside crisp packets.
FIRST ALBUM: I think it was an Enigma album, called… hang on, let me look this up… right, it was MCMXC a.D. I was an Enigma fan. As I started creeping towards my teenage years I was very much a fan of world music and the new age sound that was quite popular at the time. I remember burning joss-sticks in my room and thinking I was very in touch with nature. In retrospect, I probably wasn’t.
FIRST GIG: I’m pretty sure it was Blur at a very small venue in Bath and it would have been the mid ’90s. By that point my tastes had turned fairly Brit-pop. It was always Blur and Pulp for me, never Oasis. I remember they were using a Hammond organ, which wasn’t something I’d heard live before.
Blur also had very memorable lyrics. I discovered the joy of standing along and singing with the band on stage, and I kind of know what that feels like now. As a teenager I was in bands and sang that style of music. I got into musicals in school and after that got into classical music college in London, but my enjoyment of music came really by listening to contemporary rather than classical.
FIRST TIME ON STAGE: It probably would have been when I was 15, when I played Jesus in Godspell. It’s the most difficult role I’ve ever played. You have to remember about half of the Bible and you have to be able to tell endless parables. You also sing many beautiful songs as well. It was a great baptism of fire – excuse the pun – into musicals.
FIRST JOB: I sold hot dogs at the Christmas fair in Bath, where I grew up. I lasted two weeks and by the end I never wanted to eat a hot dog again.
FIRST LOVE: I was about 16, on holiday with my parents in Italy and I fell in love with a Spanish girl who was on holiday as well. It was a wonderful holiday romance. Being 15 I was convinced I was going to marry her, of course. I didn’t, but we’re still friends.
FIRST CAR: A very beaten up BMW 3 Series from 1986. It was white, which was not a good colour. It had a lot of rust. It lasted about three months before the top of the engine blew off and I had to find another car.
FIRST HOLIDAY: I grew up in Bath and we used to travel down to Devon for summers. We used to go to a beautiful beach called Saunton Sands, one of the UK’s longest beaches, which had wonderful rockpools that I spent hours fishing crabs out of when I was young.
Going to Devon when I was about five or six was the biggest adventure ever. It was like Jurassic Park meets a trip to Mars for me.
We perform in Barnstaple once in a while now and it’s so bizarre going back somewhere you remember from about 30 years ago, trying to see it as you remember through a child’s eyes; the sand dunes you thought were so huge at the time aren’t at all.
FIRST SHOW WITH BLAKE: Technically our first performance as a group was at Wembley Stadium. It was the Charity Shield match, Chelsea versus Middlesbrough. We sang Nessun Dorma in front of about 87,000 people, I think it was. We’d done a lot of rehearsals and were aiming to do some smaller shows to launch the group but we were given this opportunity and it really was too much of an amazing opportunity to turn down.
We rehearsed like crazy, walked out to the middle of the pitch and our hands were shaking like crazy. We managed the performance, but I don’t think I’ve ever had so much adrenaline running through my body, ever. It was quite a rush.
The room for the artists afterwards is the same as the players, so we went into the changing rooms and just kind of collapsed. It was very overwhelming. We’ve performed several times since at Twickenham and Wembley and now it’s something we’re comfortable with, but that first one was a bit of a challenge.
Our first actual show I’m pretty sure was Cheltenham Town Hall and I remember coming off and punching the air.
Blake play at #TheLittleTheatre on Friday, May 29. Tickets are £17.
#Mirabile choir join Blake 🙂
By #LeicesterMercury | Posted: May 11, 2015

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Stephen attends the launch of Assya at The Serpentine Sackler Gallery on May 6, 2015 in London, England.

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Blake backstage after one of their UK tour shows last week
See them in concert and get your own personal photo of band 😊  📷❤🎶                                                  May 5th



Forget~ME~Not Blake for May 2015

‪#‎Blake‬ Dates
May 5th The Gordon Craig Theatre
May 22nd The Elgiva Theatre and Cinema – Chesham
May 29th The Little Theatre
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Stephen Bowman chats with Leo Stubbing on joy 94.9 in Australia May 1, 2015


SB on joy 94.9 May 1, 2015

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The Chesterfield Post spoke with one of the group, Ollie Baines, ahead of their visit and he told us about their past, their plans … oh and the small matter of a bank robbery!

The interview in full is here (recorded via phone so please excuse sound quality of Ollie’s voice)…

Ollie  phone interview 4-30-2015

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Sneaky peak from Stephen 😉
“A peak at our latest photoshoot in Hackett London suits! The last time we wore Hackett was 8 years ago for our 1st CD”

21787_10205248337442341_2215962657074572752_n bandicam 2015-04-06 23-04-43-978 CBmCFbvWgAAVRWT
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#‎BLAKE‬’s ‪#‎InHarmony‬ is now available in ‪#‎Australia‬!!!

click photo for video
ABC Music is delighted to present the fifth album from Brit Award-winning classical crossover trio Blake: In Harmony.
As the title suggests, this album is all about the power of harmony – to soothe the spirit, to make the heart soar, and to create spine-tingling moments. And who better to showcase vocal harmony than this remarkable trio? Re-interpreting compositions such as Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender and Sting’s Fields of Gold, the album proves Blake’s versatility, emotional power and technical expertise. Inspired by other harmonising legends such as The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees and The Lettermen, the trio – comprised of Ollie Baines, Stephen Bowman and Humphrey Berney – have drawn together a unique variety of songs from the juxtaposing worlds of classical and pop music for this new studio album, resulting in a musical experience like no other.
After eight years of global success, Blake have arrived at their next chapter. ‘In Harmony’ is that chapter, and they’re set to once again prove themselves as some of the best performers in modern adult contemporary music.

Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
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The Little Theatre
BOX OFFICE 01162551302
Mirabile ‪#‎choir

Blake at The Little Theatre
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Love seeing guys in the news ❤🎶

Our page feature in this months Journal Magazine, talking about our UK tour shows & singing worldwide

from Beach Boys Title

From the Beach Boys to Beatles for harmony singers, BLAKE
The British trio of harmony singers, Blake, has captivated international audiences with their fusion of popular and classical music.
“Our appeal probably comes down to the fact we tend to cover songs loved worldwide,” says Stephen Bowman from the Brit-award winning group.
“The music we sing is music already familiar to people. We sing it in a unique way and in many cases it’s songs people haven’t heard sung in harmony but the melody is known to them.
“But we really take a song apart and take it down to its bare bones. As we start to put it together again using our approach the difference can be quite distinct and sometimes people will not necessarily realise it’s a cover.”
Ollie Baines, Humphrey Berney and Stephen are on their biggest UK tour which arrives at Lincoln Theatre Royal on April 28.
The concert will celebrate Blake’s fifth studio album titled In Harmony, as well as serving up a performance back catalogue from the first four albums.
‪#‎InHarmony‬ includes versions of classics such as Forever by the Beach Boys, Fields of Gold by Sting and Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.
“Even if we kept doing this until we were in our 80s we wouldn’t get through all the songs we want to sing.
“But as a group we have kept away from doing anything by the Beatles. There are other artists we have covered some people might consider more sacred but for us the Beatles have this certain halo around their music.”
But what is playing in the stereo when Stephen Bowman wants to switch off from the day job?
“A lot of musicians surprise in terms of what they listen to in their own time and it’s true of me as well,” says the son of a German rock guitarist and a British opera-singing mother who went to study at the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
“I tend to like ambient electronic music in my own time and artists like Jon Hopkins. I listen to a lot of house music and glitch hop; there’s a DJ and friend of mine Janette Slack who is great. There is some hardcore electronic music I like as well when I am driving, biking or at the gym.”

Lincolnshire article 4-25-2015
Read more:…/story-26371…/story.html…
By Lincolnshire Echo | Posted: April 25, 2015
All For One Choir will be joining Blake smile emoticon
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No need to wait to get ‪#‎InHarmony‬ 🎶😉
You can download BLAKE ‘s newest album ‘In Harmony’ from iTunes for only £0.99 per song or £7.99 for 13 songs!!!
I love them all 😊 … but ‘Forever’ is so awesome and brilliantly sung by guys ❤

Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release


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Blake and the Heart of England Symphony Orchestra
Preston Hoghton Tower Upcoming Events & Listings
BLAKE are a British vocal outfit hailing from London. Formed in 2007 after its members reunited through Facebook, the band currently consists of three singers – ‪#‎OllieBaines‬ , Stephen Bowman, and ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬
Blake will be performing 1 event in Preston on Saturday 4th July 2015 at the Hoghton Tower. 5:00pm
Blake are performing as part of the spectacular Symphony at the Tower where you can take in the beautiful surroundings of Hoghton Tower, enjoy a picnic whilst listening to Blake in Harmony.
Tickets are only available through or by calling 0844 888 9991.
Hoghton Tower…/symphony-tower-st-catherin…/ Official Page

Three Voices In Perfect Harmony bandicam 2015-04-23 16-28-50-880
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Silly ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬ thinks he can hold up a wall 😉


‪#‎Ollie‬ I’m waiting…

Ollie says I'm waiting...

Hmm, a “little” kitchen mishap 😕
Someone mistakenly puts Fairy soap in dishwasher…
Poor Stephen Bowman had to clean it up.



As 3 proud Englishmen it’s an honour to wish you Happy St.George’s Day! We finish every concert we give, with a harmony rendition of Jerusalem, perfect for today!



✔Checklist for BLAKE concerts ✔🎶
For Concert Dates & Venues
Please Click Here:

Checklist for Blake concerts
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My Blake World touched-up.

I would love if you would help me share my love of Blake ♥
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Thank you so much!!!

Chills from Blake  My Blake CD's

This is why listening to BLAKE gives us chills ♥

CBC Music How Music Works: why do some people get chills when they listen to their favourite music?
If you love music, you probably know the feeling. You’re listening to one of your very favourite songs, and there’s that amazing part that never fails to give you chills.
It’s a phenomenon that’s also known as “musical frisson.” But why is it happening?
That was the question that a team of researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University decided to explore by monitoring people’s brains while they listened to their favourite music—and what they found was that the music stimulated the same reward circuits as food, sex and drugs.
According to researcher Valorie Salimpoor, the human brain has evolved to reinforce adaptive behaviours such as eating and reproduction; so when people eat or have sex, the brain releases the pleasure drug dopamine to reinforce that behaviour. Some drugs also cause dopamine to be released.
But when their team used Positron Emission Tomography, or PET, to watch what happened in people’s brains when they listened to music they considered “intensely pleasurable,” they saw the same chain of events occur.
And interestingly, when the participants were anticipating the most pleasurable parts of their favourite songs, a different area of the brain got in on the action.
“Right before people experience that peak emotional response, which in our experience was measured with chills, participants show dopamine release in a different region of the reinforcement circuit and this is the caudate nucleus,” said Salimpoor on CBC’s Quirks & Quarks.
The caudate nucleus, she explained, is a region of the brain with strong connections to the prefrontal cortex, which houses complex thinking, and gives rise to the emotional pleasure we derive from music.
“It suggests that aesthetic stimuli can actually work on this system that’s there to reinforce biologically adaptive behaviours,” she says. “And the fact that an intellectual reward that’s housed in the prefrontal cortex can stimulate this part of our brain, it almost suggests that as human beings we’ve been evolved to appreciate aesthetic stimuli.”
In other words, humans may have actually evolved to appreciate music, and those chills you’re feeling are your body’s way of saying that’s a good thing.
Read more here:!/blogs/2015/4/How-Music-Works-why-do-some-people-get-chills-when-they-listen-to-their-favourite-music

#‎Blake‬’s music on
‪#‎thebandblake‬ ‪#‎stephenbowman‬ ‪#‎HumphreyBlake‬ ‪#‎humphreyberney‬ ‪#‎oliverbaines‬ ‪#‎officialstephenbowmanfanclub‬ ‪#‎blakepassion‬ ‪#‎swissdivawordpress‬ ‪#‎album‬ ‪#‎BritAward‬ ‪#‎singers‬ ‪#‎classical‬ ‪#‎musical‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎acapella‬ ‪#‎comtemporary‬ ‪#‎Music‬

How-Music-Works-with caption


More of ‘The man’ ♥Stephen Bowman♥ in Notting Hill

Stephen Bowman
Stephen Bowman Fan Club

“We ‘borrowed’ that little dog”



Blake concerts 2015 Jan 5th

We have THIRTY more shows confirmed in the UK this year, with more to be added, don’t miss out on seeing us in concert! All our upcoming dates are listed below, along with booking numbers…

Medina Theatre in Isle of Wight on 24 April 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01983 823884

Theatre Royal in Lincoln on 28 April 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01522 519999

Garrick Theatre in Lichfield on 29 April 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01543 412121

Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield on 01 May 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01246 345 222

Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage on 05 May 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01438 363 200

The Elgiva in Chesham on 22 May 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01494 582900

The Little Theatre in Leicester on 29 May 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 0116 255 1302

Phoenix Theatre in Blyth on 06 June 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01670 367 228

Phoenix Theatre in Blyth on 07 June 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01670 367 228

Brindley Theatre in Runcorn on 10 June 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 0151 907 8360

Symphony at the Tower in Hoghton (Outdoor festival concert with FULL orchestra). To book call 0844 888 9991
Palace Theatre in Redditch on 10 July 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Hippodrome in Eastbourne on 18 July 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

The Holt Festival, Auden Theatre in Holt on 22 July 2015
Blake In Harmony at The Holt Festival. Tickets on sale soon

The Stables in Milton Keynes on 21 August 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01908 280800

The Grand in Lancaster on 09 September 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

The Plaza in Stockport on 10 September 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 0161 477 7779

Theatre Royal in St Helen’s, Merseyside on 11 September 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01744 756 000

Tivoli in Wimborne on 12 September 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01202 885566

Oakengates Theatre in Telford on 02 October 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Courtyard Theatre in Hereford on 03 October 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury on 04 October 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Clair Hall in Haywards Heath on 09 October 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Cromer Pier in Cromer on 10 October 2015
Blake In Harmony. To book call 01263 512495

The Regent Centre in Christchurch on 11 November 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

The Capitol in Horsham on 20 November 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

The Pavilion in Exmouth on 21 November 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon

The Arts Complex in Solihull on 28 November 2015
Blake In Harmony. Tickets on sale soon.

Brit-Award winners BLAKE – Live concerts, TV shows & facts. Enjoy live concerts clips, TV show appearances and a selection of facts about Brit-Award winning vocal group BLAKE, all in 90 seconds!

Blake Passion ·
Chirp Cheep Chirp
Catch the Cutest Chicks singing ‪#‎InHarmony‬

Cute ChicksApril 2,2015
April 24th Friday Medina Theatre Isle of Wight.
April 28th Tuesday Lincoln Theatre Royal
April 29th Wednesday Lichfield Garrick
more Coming soon…


Yesterday we had a great photoshoot in Notting Hill with Hackett suits for Tatler Magazine Philippines. This one won’t make the final spread, but we loved the graffiti backdrop! Edgy Blake!

11036897_10153315561270466_3573150273016763524_n April 1, 2015

Stephen looking quite ‘the man’ ♥



Stephen Bowman ·
Spread over 2 pages in this months Attitude Magazine, yours truly, taking a little time to talk about nakedness, confidence and ‘safety in the bedroom’. Too much? Hell, I hit 35 this year, my beard is going grey, people aren’t going to want half naked photos of me much longer, so I’ll enjoy this mini ego boost whilst I still can 😉
❤Such a beautiful man❤




I dare ...advert  2
#‎Waiting‬ …click…refresh…sigh…repeat…hope
Hoping to catch BLAKE ‘s ‪#‎MothersDay‬ advert video on
‪#‎Blake‬ ‪#‎Gift‬ ‪#‎Live‬ ‪#‎Concert‬ ‪#‎MailOnline‬
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BLAKE March 1,2015 Songs of Praise
So proud to have been together as a trio for our first classical crossover solo performance on BBC1 today; the reaction online has been amazing, we’re so moved by your support. ‘You Raise Me Up’ is dedicated to every one of you, thank you!
Blake on SOP cover photo from iPlayer sm

November 2015 will see the launch of ‘Christmas in Harmony’, our first ever festive CD
The official PledgeMusic campaign for this CD begins in May/June; here is a little reminder of why we boys love Christmas songs so much. Christmas screenshot
It’s happening 🎄🎁🎶 BLAKE is making us a Christmas album 🎄🎁🎶
Tell them what you want to hear:
Blake Christmas album coming November 2015

#Christmas #Songs #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #HumphreyBlake #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #News #Tour #Concert
BLAKE enjoying themselves doing what they love most♥
“A typical little moment of mucking about in rehearsals for our 2015 UK ‘In Harmony’ tour, practicing with our MD Martin – want to see the show? Tickets here:

#InHarmony #DreamALittleDream #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #HumphreyBerney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #Concert
Blake music and videos
After discovering Stephen Bowman & BLAKE, joining all their fan sites, getting a crash ‘Blake’ course… it was time to listen to them sing smile emoticon I had so many expectations… what was going to be my first Blake song???
Their ‘Start Over’ album was first to order!
I chose a song I already loved from Les Misérables, ‘Bring Him Home’ So beautiful and passionate heart emoticon a reminder of the power of wonderful singers!!!
I needed and wanted to hear more from them! I have treated myself to all of their albums…So Happy smile emoticon
They give and give, yet always leave me wanting more ♪♫
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
hmv stores

#SoHappy #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #HumphreyBerney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #Concert YouTube ArtistSignal iTunes
wireimages Getty
I am ALL About That BLAKE
Yesterday on a 13 hour road trip…snow, ice and traffic :/
I sang this song over and over…
‘You Needed Me’
I cried a tear, you wiped it dry
I was confused, you cleared my mind
I sold my soul, you bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me
You gave me strength to stand alone again
To face the world out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me, you needed me
And I can’t believe it’s you I can’t believe it’s true
I needed you and you were there
And I’ll never leave, why should I leave, I’d be a fool
‘Cause I finally found someone who really cares
You held my hand when it was cold
When I was lost, you took me home
You gave me hope when I was at the end
And turned my lies back into truth again
You even called me friend
You gave me strength to stand alone again
To face the world out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me, you needed me
You needed me, you needed me
Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie
S.EE them~
H.EAR them~
O.WN them~ Amazon UK
Amazon USA
hmv stores

#So‎Happy‬ ‪#‎blake‬ ‪#‎thebandblake‬ ‪#‎stephenbowman‬ #HumphreyBerney ‪#‎oliverbaines‬ ‪#‎officialstephenbowmanfanclub‬ ‪#‎blakepassion‬ ‪#‎swissdivawordpress‬ ‪#‎album‬ ‪#‎BritAward‬ ‪#‎singers‬ ‪#‎classical‬ ‪#‎musical‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎acapella‬ ‪#‎comtemporary‬ ‪#‎Music‬ ‪ ‪#‎Concert‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Love Life Music Blake
Make everyday Valentine’s Day
Hearts are Life
Life is Music
Music is Love
Love is BLAKE

#Happy #Valentines #Day #Gift #Present #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #News #Tour #Concert
You Suit me to a tea

I’ll say it with music, I want you to be my Valentine ♥ Blake ‘In Harmony’ concert tickets http://www.blakeofficial… #Happy #Valentines #Day #Gift #Present #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #News #Tour #Concert
Blake MixDVD Valentine 2015
……Blake Mix-DVD For Valentine’s Day
1 Perfect Valentine Gift
2 Chasing Cars
3 Moon River
4 Hallelujah
5 Dream a little Dream of Me
6 God Only Knows
7 Fields of Gold
8 Your Song Stephen
9 Tiny Bubbles Humph
10 Pusong Bato Ryzza Mae

BLAKE​ on #Youtube
#Happy #Valentines #Day #Gift #Present #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #News #Tour #Concert

Your ticket to #FallingSlowly in Love all over again♥
A perfect Valentine’s gift from BLAKE !!!

#Happy #Valentines #Gift #Present #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #comtemporary #Music #News #Tour #Concert
…Welcome ♥
……Look around ☺
♪♫ BLAKE Home Concert ♪♫
#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Sharingiscaring #Happy #Music #News #Tour #home #Concert
BLAKE Home Concert

bandicam 2015-01-30 13-21-20-822
Join harmony trio BLAKE live on tour in Asia, as they sing their favourite all time hit by the Eagles. BLAKE tour globally and tickets for their shows can be found here:
My favorite song from Blake ♥ Chasing Cars ♥
Thank you BLAKE ♥
Chasing Cars special cover version by BLAKE
Like the song ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol? Here is our BLAKE cover version with live band, string section, trio harmony vocals and electronic drums, recorded live on stage! For tickets to any of our shows, head here:

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert

Oh my, what beautiful voices ♥
BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go together:)

Have a listen!!!
Amazon UK
Amazon USA 00MNZ78XC
hmv stores

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert

In Harmony Birds
Birds will be singing the beautiful songs of #InHarmony by BLAKE
Listen! Can you hear their beautiful voices???
Singing #InHarmony for you
Come hear 3 BLAKE songbirds…
Show them you care ♥
BLAKE Songbirds Singing In Harmony ♪♫

1. Lullaby – Billy Joel
2. To Love Somebody – The Bee Gees
3. Fields of Gold – Sting
4. Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
5. You Needed Me – Anne Murray
6. Falling Slowly – Once (Featuring Rachelle Ann Go, star of Miss Saigon)
7. You Raise Me Up (Featuring BRIT nominee – Camilla Kerslake)
8. Dream a little Dream – The Mamas & The Papas
9. Forever – Beach Boys
10. Waiting – Adrian Munsey
11. The Prayer – David Foster (Featuring rising star Rebecca Newman)
12. Say that you Love Me – Blake OPM Classic
13. Love me Tender – Elvis
14. The Right Words – Adrian Munsey

Amazon UK
Amazon USA
hmv stores

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #birds #singing
BLAKE and a musical taste of heaven
Check out the many concert dates to see guys Live
Thank you Blake and Andrew

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert

BLAKE is an Independent Artist and counts on us for support; be it buying their albums, downloading songs from iTunes or seeing them Live in concert. I highly recommend all 3 ♥♥♥
What is Artist Signal?
ArtistSignal is a free social music platform where we, fans can vote for our Top Artist each month. Top Artist at the end of the month gets $10,000.
How do I vote for Blake???
It’s easy:) Click link> >Sign up using your Facebook account> click Vote!!! You can vote once per hour per artist.
Voting starts 1st day of each month.
*VOTE for Blake!!!

Blake has uploaded their newest album, #InHarmony on ArtistSignal for your streaming pleasure smile emoticon
If you like…here are links to purchase album!
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
hmv stores

“We have had an amazing 8 year journey so far, amazed and delighted to still be here, so we’re hugely thankfull to all you kind people for keeping our dream alive. Our CD’s are dedicated to you!”
…and they’re hoping to release new album later this year 🙂
Staff Pic In Harmony

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert #artistsignal #stop #click #vote

BLAKE to perform at the Theatre Royal Windsor
Sunday 15 February 2015
The three-piece are set to bring their refined new sound to the Theatre Royal with In Harmony – their newest and biggest tour yet.
Once again the trio are looking for talented local choirs to join them on stage. Over the past five years they have been joined by more than 250 choirs from around the UK, as well as from overseas.
Band member Humphrey Berney said: “We three guys got our musical starts in life through performing in choirs so it’s been inspirational to see so many UK groups sending us their YouTube clips for consideration over the years.”
Choirs simply need to email their latest videos to the Blake website and the chosen groups will perform on five big ensemble songs, as well as present their own solo song to the audience.
Ollie Baines added: “We’re delighted that our campaign to get local choirs on professional stages results in new solo stars being found.
“Singing within a choir is the best way to build confidence as a vocalist.
The UK should be proud of its choral heritage.”
For details about how to enter a choir visit
Tickets cost £21 for the February 11 show and can be bought by calling the box office on 01962 840440 or visiting
guys in SK

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert #local #choir
bandicam 2015-01-13 15-15-26-685
Click photo to watch!!!
Was great to be featured in 12 minute primetime TV special in Korea this week, about our headline concert tour there.
LIVE on Korean primetime TV this week, a 12 minute teaser of the full length concert that is due to air later this month.

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #southkorea #TV #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert

Our many faceted diamond…♥Stephen♥

#StephenBowman #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #InHarmony #diamond #brilliant #faceted #gem #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert
BLAKE Announce ‘In Harmony’ 2015 Tour
(UK) Brit-Award winners Blake are back and better than ever, with a refined new sound, new songs and their biggest UK tour yet. Re-inspired by the enduring trio harmonies of The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees, The Lettermen & Boyz-II-Men, BLAKE’s latest concert show entitled ‘In Harmony’ sees them combining classic songs from their first four albums, with exclusive new songs from their critically acclaimed 5th album ‘In Harmony’
. Musicals, pop and classical songs collide in the group’s most eclectic stage spectacular yet, accompanied by great musicians and impressive video projections. Returning from tours to the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa & Asia, we expect their famous and hilarious rat-pack banter with the audience to feature some fascinating new stories. Following on from previous years, Blake are once again searching the UK for talented local choirs to join them on stage as part of their ‘In Harmony’ tour. Over the last five years the group have been joined by more than 250 local choirs around the UK and overseas, in venues as far apart as Manchester, Moscow and Manila. – See more at:

For complete tour dates and ticket information click here –
Renowned For Sound
#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert
Meet The Classic Boys Next Door
Stephen Bowman Humphrey Berney Oliver Baines
BLAKE are handsome, posh, love the Queen and are on their way to sing in Lancashire
With their trademark harmonies and chiselled good looks, British classical boy band Blake have won fans all over the world.
If that’s not enough, one of the singers, Ollie Baines, is pals with Prince William and Kate.
“The Queen gives you a few butterflies when you know she’s out there,” said bass baritone singer Stephen Bowman, who has performed in front of the monarch at Buckingham Palace.
“We’ve played in 33 countries, have done 150 television shows and 700 concerts, but the most daunting show was when we sang at Wimbledon’s Centre Court.
“The Queen and Prince Philip were there for the opening, and it was such a prestigious, quintessentially English occasion.
“I remember whispering: ‘Don’t mess this up boys.’”
The band, who named themselves after the poet William Blake, teamed up on Facebook eight years ago.
Just two days later, they signed a £1m record deal.
“One day we were performing at a friend’s wedding – a fortnight later we were giving our jobs up.
“I worked for a computer company, and it seemed like a massive gamble.
“But joining Blake completely changed my life.”
The group has sold more than a million records, bridging the gap between pop and opera.
And followers of the number one band include an army of middle-aged women old enough to be their mothers, The Blakettes.
The band, who will sing songs from their new album and classic numbers when they make their first appearance in the Ribble Valley this month, can also count many female stars among their fans, including Cilla Black, Joan Collins and Lady Ga Ga.
They were also asked to sing at Dame Shirley Bassey’s 70th birthday party.
“It always gives us a kick to think that people our parents adored are saying how much they enjoy our music,” added Stephen.
But if Blake sound a bit too wholesome to be true, the singer is adamant the boys are more rock and roll than their squeaky-clean image suggests.
“We’re billed as a classical band, but we’re the hardest partying band out there.
“Some people assume that because we are classically trained we are a bit po-faced, but we love a party and having fun with our audience.
“We don’t script any of the shows, it is all ad-lib and people seem to really enjoy that.”
The band was a four-piece until founding member Jules Knight left in 2013 to join the cast of Holby City as new doctor Harry Tressler.
Despite the line-up changes, Bowman insists the secret to Blake’s success is the comradeship of the group.
“The thing people most enjoy about our shows, I think, is the fact we are great friends and that vibe on stage sparks off a great interaction with our audience.”

Blake, Clitheroe The Grand Venue Theatre, January 23. £20. 01200 421599.
Lancashire Evening Post

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Blakettes #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music #News #Tour #Concert
Blake:”Flashback to 2014, at the Mandarin Oriental for afternoon tea with some of the amazing pledgers who made our 5th album reality! Thanks girls, see you in 2015!”
Blake's Tea Photo
My unforgettable perfect afternoon tea with ♥Stephen,Humphrey,Ollie,Sandra and Karen♥ in London
I will never forget that afternoon!!!
Thank you ♥BLAKE♥
Blake concerts 2015 Jan 5th
January 5 at 11:08am ·
Only a few days into 2015 and BLAKE already have over 30 UK shows confirmed, along with repeat tours to South Korea, The Philippines and even Barbados! If you want to know where we’re performing next, head to:
Vote Blake January 2015
Please VOTE for Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie ♥ BLAKE ♥
You can vote once per hour!!!

#stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #SoHappy #Vote #ArtistSignal #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #InHarmony

I went
I saw this on @TheBandBlake FB
I did go♥
Voting for Blake as the best concert~it was certainly my BEST!!!

#‎stephenbowman‬ ‪#‎humphreyberney‬ ‪#‎oliverbaines‬ ‪#‎SoHappy‬ ‪#‎Vote‬ ‪‬ ‪#‎officialstephenbowmanfanclub‬ ‪#‎blakepassion‬ ‪#‎swissdivawordpress‬ ‪#‎InHarmony‬ #memories


bandicam 2015-07-04 12-44-01-718

I stumbled upon Stephen in February 2013. I was so impressed by his dedication and interaction with friends on Twitter, that I joined, followed and Liked everything Stephen/Blake I could find! I bought all of their Cd’s from Amazon.UK. I was so excited when I found a link to download a song from iTunes.Uk 🙂 Which I did! But then, I couldn’t “get” back home to USA on iTunes 😦 Nothing I clicked on worked. I asked Stephen for help in getting me back home! He sent me a link and told me what to do. It worked! He got me back home ❤
I have been helping run his Official Fan Club and I am ❦Blake Passion♪♫
My dream has been to meet them, hug them, see/hear them sing Live, talk (in person) to them ❤ I'm sure there will be laughter and tears(mine) I have promised I wouldn't stop breathing…yea right 😉
Doors to my dreams are wide open! Pledge Music has provided paths to reach my Passion ❤ I have pledged with my heart (not my wallet) and I will be In the Studio and having Afternoon Tea with Blake and meeting other friends ❤ that I have met online! …and Baking with Blake if it works out…?
I am #sohappy 🙂
Let's meet in London! After seeing Stephen's video update yesterday about the In Studio experience I am SO glad I signed up for that. There are but a few places left for it…You too can make your dreams come true.

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #iTunes #oliverbaines PledgeMusic #inharmony #dreams #UK #london #studio iTunes
Thank you Cynthia ❤ and Victoria ❤
Blake ‘In Harmony’ Autumn UK Tour 2014
New dates for Blake August 5th
Beautiful words from a beautiful man August 2, 2014



What does Passion look like???
…if you’ve ever wondered what BLAKE Passion sounds and looks like…
Stop~Look~and Listen ♪♫
BLAKE – Hallelujah – LIVE in Concert 2014 Epic Studios

BLAKE singing Moon River In Harmony

#blake #thebandblake #StephenBowman #HumphreyBerney #OliverBaines #Hallelujah #MoonRiver #BlakePassion #Passion #inharmony #OfficialStephenBowmanFanClub #youtube




bandicam 2014-08-06 17-31-04-762

bandicam 2014-08-06 17-29-01-295

bandicam 2014-08-06 17-28-28-359
I L♥VE your Live videos
We love singing ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys

after Pledge baking
Who wants to spend a few hours baking a cake with Stephen, Humphrey or Ollie???
There’s still time to sign up for the singing baker men !!!
Brit-Award-winning harmony group BLAKE are soon to have a ‘Great British Blake Off’ with their friends & fans, so Stephen gives some eggcellent advice in advance, for all budding bakers! Enjoy!

Blake Radio Flash August 2014
A 3 hour window with BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go
Hope the Internet is smiling tomorrow 🙂

Listen LIVE to BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go singing and chatting on BBC London 94.9 with DJ Gaby Roslin tomorrow – The show starts at 3pm and we’re on throughout the 3 hours. You’ll even get to hear our duet single ‘Falling Slowly’, exclusive first listen!

#blake #rachelleanngo BBC London 94.9 #gabyroslin #exclusive #fallingslowly #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #thebandblake #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress
ssafa video
Click photo for video

ssafa studio

Ssafa ponchos

Blake: Earlier we were proudly standing in the pouring rain by Tower Bridge, surrounded by the Military Wives choir, war veterans and the SSAFA military charity, singing ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Want to watch the official music video? Visit here:
Republic Media @Republic_Media
Looking handsome, @TheBandBlake singing for @SSAFA. The rain doesn’t stop them!
sunshine ssafa

SSAFA Choir in Potters Fields sing Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

Blake singing in the rain for charity♥ August 10, 2014

Blake singing Pack Up Your Troubles
bandicam 2014-08-10 14-04-52-965

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-38-03-624

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-34-58-580

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-27-35-911
Thank you Gaby ♥ and ♥ Blake ♥ and Rachelle Ann Go ♥
Listen again

Blake Autumn Tour 2014
Reserve your seat now for the best show this fall♥
my ticketmaster uk review

Our biggest UK tour yet starts this September, with some awesome venues in Greater London and around the country. We’ll be performing lots of songs from our new album too, so please do support us boys and book early:

#blake #exclusive #inharmony #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #thebandblake #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #calendar
3 leaves from heaven
BLAKE #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines
#inharmony PledgeMusic #Officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #leaves #heaven
Baking with me or Blake Pledge
Bake with me or Blake ??? 😉
Just took mine out of the oven 😀

BLAKE #thebandblake #BakewithMaria #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #bake #fun #sohappy #blakettes
#inharmony PledgeMusic #Officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #heaven
Union Chapel 2

Union Chapel
See BLAKE in this magnificent venue…which is actually a working Church, an award winning venue and a centre for homeless in London.
Union Chapel – London’s Favourtie Venue 2014

*Blake: Are you a Londoner? Want to see BLAKE in their biggest London show of 2014, in a stunning 1000 seat venue? On November 22nd we will play Union Chapel, Islington. Tickets available here: *

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney#oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion
#swissdivawordpress #youtube #UnionChapel #homeless #help#ticketmasteruk
The boys from BLAKE recording their parts for the album. A great day working with them and a privilege to have them involved with our project for Walking With The Wounded.
You can support the project as well through the Inconnu Roll of Honour at . Show your respect for a friend or family member, past or present, and preserve their name forever. Your support will also include a free download of the album when released.
#classicall #conceptalbum #firstworldwar #ww1centenary #supportourtroups #supportthewalk #wwtw #walkingwiththewounded #charity #giving #thebandblake #blake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion

Award Winning Vocalists Blake to Perform with Rachelle Ann Go at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM …Tonight !!! 7:30pm
BRIT-Award winning vocalists BLAKE have joined the line-up of artists set to perform at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM – a one-off Gala at the Leicester Square Theatre this Sunday (17 August)2014 to raise money for abandoned and neglected orphans in Manila.

BLAKE will duet with Filipino pop star Rachelle Ann Go, who is currently appearing as Gigi in Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre. They have previously performed together in the Philippines, and have recorded a duet for BLAKE’s forthcoming studio album, In Harmony,(available here ) which will accompany their 20-date UK tour, launching in September.

THE PHILIPPINE DREAM Leicester Square Theatre Sunday 17 August 2014 7.30pm
Book tickets:
When we were last in the Philippines we had the honour of being sung to by a huge choir of orphans in Manila. Tonight we’re proud to be raising funds for these children & all their companions, with a show at the Leicester Square theatre. If you have a chance, come! Lots of big stars!

Thanks for sharing your voices and giving your time helping others♥

BLAKE: “Are you a fan of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing? Well here’s the latest ‘new 4th member’ to throw his hat into the ring, none other than Sir Anton du Beke himself. He has a superb voice!”
Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new '4th member' Anton Du Beke,
Stephen Bowman: “Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new ‘4th member’ Anton Du Beke, who has a great voice!:)”
Thank you Bonnie Britain @bonnie1408 ♥ for taking these lovely photos at The The Phillippine Dream …and for letting me share them 🙂
bandicam 2014-08-18 14-50-15-327

bandicam 2014-08-18 14-51-30-677

bandicam 2014-08-18 14-49-25-072

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Please do not share Bonnie’s photos without giving her credit for them.
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Car Torque …. with musical trio Blake
by Matt Westcott
Updated on 6:06pm Monday 18th August 2014 in News

BRIT-Award winners Blake – Humphrey Berney, Stephen Bowman and Oliver Baines – are back with a refined new sound, new songs and their biggest UK tour yet.

Re-inspired by the trio harmonies of The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees, The Lettermen and Boyz-II-Men, Blake’s latest concert show entitled ‘In Harmony’ sees them combining classic songs from their first four award winning albums, with exclusive new songs from their upcoming fifth album ‘In Harmony’.

The boys are appearing at the Gala Theatre in Durham on September 19.
Tickets are £20.

For more details contact the Box Office on 0300 026 6600.

For more details about the boys visit

What was your first car?
Humphrey Berney: A Mini Mayfair, above, which I kitted out to look like a Cooper, plus adding a new head. I loved that car – a legal go-kart. Cheap to run, full of character, racing seats, wheel and gear stick. Brilliant! RIP Monty.

Stephen Bowman: My first car was a white Vauxhall estate, with a diesel engine and over 185,000 miles. It cost my dad about £300 and the agreement was that once it died I could have a pretty car. The old girl refused to give in – in the end I drove it into a wall.

Oliver Baines: The first car I drove regularly was a hand-me-down Mitsubishi Shogun called Big Sid. It was nearly 18 when it came to me, so we were equals in that respect, but the poor old boy didn’t last long, and after wheezing and puffing his way along for a few more years, the head gasket finally blew outside my school gates – too much derision! He was retired on permanent loan to some friends in Scotland for farm work. I believe they paid us £50. A great way to learn about the pitfalls of old cars though!

How many times did it take to pass your test?

Humphrey: Twice. Outrageous! I failed on not entering a yellow hatched box when turning right. Second time, I had a great Scottish examiner. Monty the Mini was waiting when I finished and I drove straight to school. The girls were impressed!

Stephen: Aged 17, nothing in the world mattered more to me than passing my test, which is probably why it took me three attempts to reduce the nerves enough not to muck it up. My poor BSM instructor was pretty glad to see the back of me!

Oliver: I learned to drive at university with a man called Geoffrey who swore almost constantly. My lessons were thus highly amusing and extremely informative – alas I never recorded one of his rants. When I took my test, the examiner failed me for overtaking a lorry on the dual carriageway after the mile marker for my exit. This caused the most almighty argument between him and my instructor in the back seat, who – with multiple expletives – pointed out, that this was perfectly normal driving practice and something else about arses and elbows. Needless to say, this didn’t help.

Who would be your ideal fantasy passenger and where would you go?

Humphrey: Jenson button. I would get him to take me straight to McLaren so we could take lots of cars out on the track and get some tips. I love driving on the track. I’ve done quite a lot on motorbikes as well. Brilliant! If Jenson was not available then Stirling Moss – a true legend.
Stephen: For the perfect car journey I’d want the company of a gorgeous lady with plenty of stories to tell, so it would have to be Joanna Lumley, above. Loved her ever since watching reruns of The Avengers when I was a kid. I’d drive her to Paris and back!

Oliver: I have this fantasy that one day I will be the passenger and Humphrey or Stephen will instead drive me around the country for thousands of miles… but this is wishful thinking I fear.

What is your dream car?

Humphrey: At the moment I have it – Triumph spitfire 1500 from 1980. It makes an awesome noise – great stainless steel exhaust – and people love it. I would love an AC Cobra. What a car! I find a lot of modern cars lack any character.

Stephen: When I was 23 and made some money, I bought my dream car – a 1981 DeLorean gullwing, an icon of motoring. To this day it’s the car that makes me smile the most. A close second is the 70s Lotus Esprit – I adore the purity of its lines.

Oliver: I will – one day – get hold of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, below – 1980s one obviously, none of this new rubbish. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t need a reason for this?
How would you describe your driving style?

Humphrey: Confident but safe. Stopping distance is so important and I hate people who tail-gate – so dangerous. On a track I am aggressive, but really enjoy hitting the smooth racing lines. I hope to get my racing license soon.

Stephen: Day-to-day I actually ride a Honda sports bike as I get more of a thrill from two wheels than I do from four, plus I never get stuck in traffic. When I drive a car, I’m very cautious, especially with others inside. On the bike, it’s just me, so I have fun!

Oliver: London school of motoring. Meaning not scared to get about and use shortcuts. Actually my friends do all refer to the Ollie Baines school of motoring, but they don’t complain about getting from the West End to South West London in ten minutes.

Tell me one driving anecdote from your past?

Humphrey: We were recently invited to the Lotus test track where we drove the Exige S. An amazing car – perfectly balanced, stunningly quick and brilliant fun. I am a Norfolk boy so very proud of Lotus. The new Evora S is incredible. I borrowed one for a weekend and it really hurt when I had to give it back!
Stephen: Eight years ago I polished up my DeLorean, above, and set off for Monaco, purely to park up in the main square and enjoy a cold beer in the summer evening sun. The car made it all the way there, no problems. It got more photos than all of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches which line up in front of the casino. It was great to upstage cars costing 20 times its price.

Oliver: We were once on tour in Denmark with a terrible rental MPV and a suicidal sat-nav. It took us up this precipice in the snow whereupon the road became impassable and I was forced to reverse for a mile-and-a-half on ice with half a wheel over the edge of this 100ft drop below. I was so concerned that it might go over the brink that I made the boys get out of the car and walk behind me with all of the luggage. To top it all off we were becoming late for a flight – the last before Christmas Day naturally – and therefore weren’t all that keen on missing it. This stress plus the cold sweat caused by the danger of the road meant that when I finally found a space to turn the car around and rejoin a main road, I completely forgot to drive on the right. I realised my mistake almost immediately when we saw the lights of an articulated lorry approaching on our side. I turned the wheel calmly to the right, hoping the boys hadn’t noticed my mistake. Nothing happened. I turned harder, still nothing. With a jolt I realised our wheels were stuck like a tram in the 10ins deep ice tracks caused by one of these same vast trucks currently bearing down on us at 60 mph. With a huge effort I yanked the wheel hard over and we bounced out of the ruts into a power slide to the opposite carriageway just as this behemoth thundered by, horn blasting, but apparently unaccustomed to using brakes of any kind. We made our plane. Just.

What are you listening to?

Humphrey: It depends. In my Triumph then nothing apart from the awesome exhaust note. In the Volvo a whole mix. Classical music works on a long journey and we travel a lot so it helps keep you relaxed.

Stephen: I’m a big fan of La Roux, below and have been waiting patiently for her follow-up album for quite some time. The first single off that album is called “Let Me Down Gently” and has become my 2014 ultimate driving anthem, it’s practically on repeat!

Oliver: All sorts, but a lot of Radio 4 to be honest, and old podcasts of Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letter From America’ are a current favourite.
What do you drive now?

Humphrey: My Triumph and also a boring Volvo V40 – not very exciting, but perfect for London as I don’t mind when it’s scratched and bumped. You must have off-street parking if you have a nice car otherwise they get bumped, scratched or stolen! My Triumph is tucked away and the Volvo is not!

Stephen: I’m currently riding/driving a 2014 Honda CBR-600-F, which is basically a mixture of a sports bike and a touring bike. With me on top it has a power-to-weight ratio that shames many supercars, so I’m generally first off the lights, with a big smile!
Oliver: I drive a 1970s MGB roadster, above, which I bought for peanuts when we first signed a record deal. I’ve restored it to its current state of beauty over seven years, and it is a total money pit! But I love every nut and bolt.
Blake In harmony Dreamcatcher
Weave your own BLAKE DreamCatcher

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virtual banner final
Join us for a Virtual Blake In Harmony Show!!!
Blake Autumn Tour 2014 Virtual Flyer used for event
What an honor and a pleasure it is helping ♥guys make their dreams come true♥
Stephen Bowman·
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:
Blake· Would you like to have YOUR name immortalised in our CD sleeve for the new album, or the name of someone you love? You can! Just click the below link and scroll down to pick “Your name in the credits” –

Fly on the wall
Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when guys were recording this? I’m not sure but I think studios are kept very cool because of equipment…add them singing and we would simultaneously have goosebumps and hot flashes
YOU can be there whilst they are recording…
There are a few spaces left for their ‘In The Studio’ experience on PledgeMusic

Blake: Hope you like this little teaser video of ‘Wicked Game’, off the upcoming album ‘In Harmony’ from BLAKE.

It’s available to order on Amazon.

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cd cover track list his

………………..♪♫ Sung with Passion In Harmony ♪♫………………………
Check this out, the full track listing for our new album, the official cover image and photos from whilst we were making it! Please please help us by ordering it asap, here:

Stephen Bowman
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:

Blake Passion
Pre-ordering In Harmony album from Amazon UK helps BLAKE in the UK Charts The more pre-orders = higher chart position for guys when album is released

Pledging for In Harmony you can choose limited signed editions or not signed. Plus there are several marvelous experiences; YOUR name in the credits inside CD…be in the studio with guys…Bake a Cake with Blake…Backstage VIP M&G…Sing with Blake onstage and lots of cool stuff you can get; signed photos…signed calendar…receive a personal greeting card from guys…personal video performance…available for a short time!!!

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Blake article supporting collage
Going to a concert /show is more than just buying a ticket to see someone sing/perform. Your ‘ticket’ means you are supporting the arts, artist, musicians, crew, venue, employees and local communities which include local choirs. BLAKE gives local choirs the opportunity to perform on stage with them! These choirs are children, young adults, or mature adults who enjoy singing and who work very hard learning the art of singing. The choirs who perform with Blake need to learn several songs so they can sing ‘with the band’.
This means lots of rehearsals … and lots of fun singing with and meeting Blake!!!
Sadly, this article shows what lack of support can do; Theatres Trust lists 33 historic theatres ‘at risk’
By Ian Youngs
Arts reporter, BBC News
So…Please support your local theatres!
Please continue supporting Blake and your local choirs
Ticketmaster United Kingdom
In Harmony on Amazon UK

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Blake In Harmony Halleujah NYC Jan. 2014 screenshot
Get through your mid-week work blues and spend one, two or three evenings with the three guys of BLAKE and then close the week-end treating yourself to a lovely Sunday evening with Blake
BLAKE bring their new In Harmony Autumn Tour to;
Wycombe Swan Theatre Tuesday, September 23 at 7:30pm
Fairfield Halls Wednesday, September 24 at 7:30pm
Venue Cymru Thursday, September 25 , at 7:30pm
The Octagon Theatre Sunday, September 28 at 7:30pm
Brit-Award winning singers whose stunning harmonies and original fun banter have been entertaining audiences around the world.
Blake Events

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This is what happens when WE don't do as they ask
Heeelp me 😉 😛 🙂
Click and buy BLAKE ♪♫ In Harmony♪♫
Amazon UKUK

Stephen Bowman Humphrey Blake
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Union Chapel
Blake Passion
I am going to my first BLAKE concert at Union Chapel
Wicked Game horses
A 2 minute clip from our cover of ‘Wicked Game’ from our new album ‘In Harmony’ –
if you enjoy it, please order your copy on Amazon here:
A little surprise for our fans in South Korea, since +TheBandBlake travel there this December for a concert tour! Quite tricky for three English guys, here is the South Korean national anthem, harmonised!
Ahead of their debut concert tour trip to South Korea in December 2014, Brit-Award winning harmony group BLAKE try their best to sing the South Korean national anthem. Many apologies for the terrible pronunciation, it will improve!

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Final Day of Pledging
Blake Passion
It’s almost over…hours are dwindling away………………………………
Great news for everyone who ordered the new album on Pledge!
Good afternoon,
We have a very special surprise for everyone who pledged to receive BLAKE’s upcoming album ‘In Harmony’. Although we have moved the official release date of the new album to November 3rd, we are actually going to send all of our amazing pledgers their copies of the album on October 12th, nearly 3 weeks early! We will be officially bringing the Pledge campaign to a close on October 6th, so if you have any very last minute items you would also like to get hold of (you can still pledge to ‘Bake with Blake’!) now is the time! Thank you so much for all your fantastic support during the fundraising and making of our 5th album, we hope that you will have as much fun listening to it as we did making it over the last 6 months. With warm thanks to everyone, Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie
For last minute pledges, go to:

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Published on Oct 6, 2014
All For One choir members from Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Beverley, Lincoln and Scunthorpe choirs. the members joined forces to sing with Blake following the band seeing clips of the choir on you Tube. we had a wonderful time. What a great experience for our members, for many this was their first ever

All For One Choir loves me ♥

All For One Choir shared a link.
Just some of the highlights from our appearance with BLAKE. Thank You to Blake, we had the time of our lives. We now also have Blake Passion Until next time, have a great tour. If you haven’t seen them yet, you are missing a treat.

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Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
You know how it is when you have waited and waited and waited for something … then one day you wake up and there it is. The finished project. #InHarmony. You can’t help but feel a twinge of trepidation …what if there is something I do not like? You have conjured up so many ideas, thoughts, hopes and???
You click the download link and wait. You click play … and then, as you listen to each new song, a sense of ‘calmness’ comes over you, filling you with Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie’s beautiful, exciting, pure ‘In Harmony’ voices
I love it ♥ Blake has made us the perfect album.
This is ♥BLAKE♥♥

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The Prayer duet
Blake Passion
The Prayer is such a beautiful and powerful song that
Rebecca Newman and BLAKE included their duet on new albums;
♥Dare To Dream and In Harmony♥
BBCRadio2 played it on air…have a listen

Get yours here:
Two Must-Have albums!!

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Countdown to my first Blake concert

Blake Passion
Great, funny chat with guys 🙂
I LOVE ♥Forever♥

Interview with the Blake on 93.7 Express FM before their National tour
Darren Gamblen (@dazzlergamblen )
10/16/14, 11:21 AM
Great interview with @TheBandBlake …hope you enjoy :))

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Dream A Little Dream and an Awe-some-ness-ly long chat with guys
Voice of Russia UK
My Pledge to Blake
photo strip
Blake Passion shared Stephen Bowman’s status.
What a distinguished honor The Alan Titchmarsh Show has bestowed upon ♥ BLAKE ♥
Show with Blake airs on Thursday, 30th at 3pm. #ITV They’ll be singing ‘Fields of Gold’ and chatting to Alan about upcoming finale concert of 2014 at Union Chapel in London on November 22nd!
“8 years ago we BLAKE boys started our tv singing career on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh show – today we were honoured to be final music act of the final series. Alan is a rare gentleman in showbiz, we’ll miss his show greatly!”
Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
Blake – In Harmony album review

Posted on November 2, 2014 By Carys Jones

Record Company: Absolute via Universal/Music Infinity.

Release Date: November 3, 2014
1. You Needed Me
2. Love Me Tender
3. To Love Somebody
4. Wicked Game
5. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
6. Fields of Gold
7. Forever
8. You Raise Me Up, with Camilla Kerslake and The Sing To Beat Breast Cancer Choir
9. Say That You Love Me
10. Falling Slowly, with Rachelle Ann Go
11. The Prayer, with Rebecca Newman
12. The Right Words
13. Waiting
14. Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)

We love Blake and are pleased that they’ve got a shiny new album for us to listen to. Blake always make us feel happy, in that Notting Hill meets Love Actually kind of way, there’s something warm and comforting about them and there’s something of a rom-com vibe about them. They give out the vibe that romantic, English gentlemen are ten a penny and they make your day all that bit more joyful. We had a glimpse of them performing some of the songs on this album live at the Mandarin Oriental last week and it made us look forward to hearing their latest album.

This is their first album release as a three piece band, following Jules Knight’s departure to pursue his acting career. We are pleased that this has not affected how they sound at all and their slick harmonies remain intact and slick, with their voices seeming to have matured even further. Perhaps they felt as if they had to work harder to make a three piece work, but whatever their magic formula is, they have sprinkled is all over the album, which is glossy and lovely.

There are a generous fourteen songs on the album, featuring some interesting cover choices and seeing several guest singers, which adds a lot of variety. Blake sound fantastic from the off, with You Needed Me showing their classically trained voices to perfection. Love Me Tender is an interesting choice, they give the song a romantic and slow ballad feel, we’re still picturing Humphrey singing this with a quivering lip, but we’re not sure they will add Elvis’ moves to their live performances! Wicked Game is genuinely passionate and they sound fantastic on the track, which is a perfect choice of song for them. They give Sting’s Fields of Gold their own spin, giving it a bit of polish and it’s one of those raise your lighters in the air moments and sway along, hug your loved one type of track.

Song after song, this album generates warmth and we love how different is it yet again to their previous album releases. The different female voices heard on the album give this album something new. You Raise Me Up features the angelic voice of Camilla Kerslake, along with the voices of The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir and altogether, it’s a stunning song and their voices are all so powerful, they sound as if they are battling against each other for airspace, but each blending together so well, it’s a very powerful combination and we love it. Falling Slowly featuring Rachelle Ann Go is a strong love duet, sounding like something out of a Disney movie, if it were on screen, we could imagine the song covered in glitter, with the Princess dashing out to find her Prince Charming. The Prayer featuring Rebecca Newman has many twists and turns, starting out in English, before we heard their classically trained and operatic moments coming out to the fore. Rebecca’s voice hits so many beautiful notes that only certain soprano’s can carry off and again, this is stunning to listen to.

The Right Words has strong instrumental growth and Blake’s harmonies hit the strings at the precise moment required, showing their musicality and their strength as such accurate singers. Waiting is very deep in sound and sounds a bit like some of the songs from Blake’s earlier albums, it’s a very romantic sound. To add to their charm and distinct gentlemen style, they close off the album with Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel). This song has a lot of tender moments and it’s a bit of a weepy, as it’s quite emotional and hits you in the heart.

In Harmony is another sterling effort from Blake, classy, beautiful and hearing their talent plastered across another album in a world of auto-tune and certain people selling records with the help of controversy, or because of which celebrity they’re stepping or hanging out with, hearing this album is a joy to the ears! Now, where did we put the remote, time to switch on a rom-com and get cosy, or maybe we’ll just hit play on the album and sit here and listen to it all over again, feeling all that bit more happier inside.


Blake, Camilla Kerslake, In Harmony, Rachelle Ann Go, Rebecca Newman, The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir
– See more at:
Ladies and gentleman ✨Continuing Congratulations & Success 😊❤️
♥Continuing Congratulations & Success …
BLAKE 11/6/14
With unexpected joy our newest album #InHarmony has officially entered the top 100 chart in the UK! Got your copy?

#elfies 2014

Blake Passion
My Amazon review for #InHarmony
Blake’s fifth studio album is their first as a trio. Finding ‘The Right Words’ can be difficult sometimes when trying to say why you love something. However, I have been ‘Waiting’ and anticipating Blake’s new album “In Harmony” for …
what seems like ‘Forever’ !!! Which is my favorite song on album. ‘Forever’ starts off with a soft, smooth melody flowing gently….then the chorus comes in like a whirlwind! Their voices all singing as one … but are really layers upon layers of their beautiful voices dovetailing In Harmony.
You can hear and feel their heart, soul and passion in each song.
‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman, ‘You Raise Me Up’ with Camilla Kerslake and ‘Falling Slowly’ with Rachelle Ann Go just adds another dimension to their singing talents.
This is an album, simply superb. I have not had it long, yet I will be listening to In Harmony ‘Forever’
I have bought several copies to “Share it Forward” and for singing gifts. There is a song for everyone on this album!

Blake Passion
♥You and your music fill our hearts♥♥
…The New BLAKE CD is out!
Order your copy of #InHarmony today…
Your fine taste in music and kind support for BLAKE mean a great deal to us!
We are delighted to announce the brand new BLAKE album ‘In Harmony’ has been released this week! Available from iTunes Amazon UK and in #HMV highstreet stores. The album has already made it into the Top 100 album chart this week, after a number of TV & radio appearances including last week’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show performance of ‘Fields of Gold’ (you can watch it by clicking here:
If you would like to receive a copy of the album, or even a couple of CD’s for #Christmas presents, we recommend ordering on Amazon. Simply click the link below to order your copy:
Having listened to what their fans enjoyed most about their previous 4 albums, the BLAKE boys created this 14 song collection over 2 years whilst touring the world as a trio. The repertoire collection is their most eclectic yet but draws directly on the classical, musical and popular harmony singing roots which they’re so known for. Alongside their voices are a mixture of full orchestra, string sections, world class guitarists, pianists and 3 guest duet partners, including Miss Saigon’s Rachelle Ann Go, Brit Award nominee Camilla Kerslake and Classical No.1 Rebecca Newman. The producer of this album was none other than Andrew Powell, the producer of Kate Bush’s iconic albums and more recently the bestselling #ILDIVO albums.
Thank you again for your support for BLAKE. The boys are an independent band on their own record label, without the help of a major record corporation or a #SimonCowell, so every CD purchased and every live concert ticket obtained, makes a massive difference to their continued career as artists. They really value your support and really hope you enjoy this album.
If you would like to see the boys live in concert, in London, before the end of the year, they will be giving their big finale concert at Union Chapel in Islington, on November 22nd at 7:30pm. Tickets are available via this link –
It’s going to be a big night! Hope to see lots of you there!
With warm thanks,
The BLAKE team…

I can not wait to see YOU, #Blake there!!!

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Thank you Veteran’s
Bring Him Home by BLAKE

BBCRadio2 Chorister of Year 2014 air date Nov 13 for video
St Paul’s Cathedral Taped Oct 31, 2014
BBC Radio2
Blake and Rebecca sing ‘Amazing Grace’
Blake sings ‘Fields of Gold’ from their newly released album, In Harmony. available from AmazonUK
Blake and choristers sing ‘ Make Me Your Channel of Peace
For those of you who missed us singing ‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman on BBC1 earlier, here is the clip. Songs of Praise TV
If you enjoy it, please do share it and remember the song is on our new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:

Stephen Bowman·
Please share this video with all your friends for me, it’s our first major BBC1 tv performance as a trio and I’m really rather proud of it; well done Rebecca too!

Published on Nov 16, 2014
BRIT-award winning trio BLAKE appear on BBC Songs of Praise with soprano Rebecca Newman to sing The Prayer, as featured on their new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:
as natural as God intended
Blake Passion
…as natural as God intended ♪♫
BLAKE #InHarmony

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First day in Seoul, Korea and we attended an official ceremony making BLAKE ambassadors for the Korean charity KAT which helps thousands of disabled people into fully paid work in agriculture. We sang the Korean national anthem acapella in 3 part harmony which went down well!