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November 6, 2013 ★★★★★ My personal review of…to the sun ~~~Blake  
Beautiful and Inspirational words written for BLAKE by Alistair Griffin and sung with such heart-warming emotion by Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie . I listen every day and can feel the words harmonize into life by their voices. They performed it Live at the South Pole 2013 Challenge launch on Thursday 14th November in Trafalgar Square, London. All proceeds go to Walking With The Wounded.

★★★★★Classical Inspiration, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk
This review is from: Blake (Audio CD)
This is the Band’s debut CD but my first time hearing it. I feel it is so different from Start Over Blake and And So It Goes And So It Goes. Even so, their voices blend perfectly and beautifully. They’re so different but all awesome and performed in perfect harmony:) Listening to them is such a pleasant & relaxing experience. Still waiting for my copy of Together:Special Edition Together: Special Edition to arrive :)Their music is a must have!

★★★★★ Rapturous, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk
This review is from: And So It Goes (Audio CD)
Their voices flow smoothly, are softly melodic and with the terrific percussions ♥♥♥ are truly rapturous! Time To Say Goodbye and Chasing Cars are fantastic and need more than 5 stars.

★★★★★Vocal Perfection, 9 April 2013
By sljk
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This review is from: Together (Special Edition) (Audio CD)
I stumbled upon Stephen Bowman (Blake) on Twitter. I was so impressed by his dedication to fans that I followed him and within a few days I had ordered all 4 of their CD’s!! They sing beautifully together….in perfect harmony…….. I hear angels singing. They have a vast selection of songs which I listen too endlessly. And I hope to hear them sing LIVE here in the USA !!! Soon!

★★★★★ Angelic Voices, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk –
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Start Over (Audio CD)
I have only recently discovered Blake and I love listening to them. It is sheer heaven listening to their angelic voices…..voices that harmonize beautifully. I can and do listen to them all day. They are simply amazing.
Music incorporates all; love, feelings, dreams, sounds, justice, nature, fun, emotions.
I am so looking forward to hearing and seeing them Live in concert!!!
and meeting them!!! The sooner the better ☺
My personal favorite is *No Way To Know*, amazing acoustics and perfectly blended voices.
I highly recommend their music; *Start Over*, *Blake*, *And So It Goes*, and *Together* for anyone/everyone who appreciates beautiful music and singing.


Hook, Line & Sinker…reel in the big one!!! So Happy by Blake♥

So Happy…you play in my head all day ♥Blake♥

happiness_is_a_choice SOHAPPY

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken.” ~Deepak Chopra

J SO HAPPY…you spin in my head all day!!! Take a ride on ♥Blake  @BBCRadio2

Happiness is the key(Blake) and life is the door….unlock my world so I can be So Happy

BlakePassion 9-8 Good morning  @achrisevans  and @BBCRadio2  Open the window and let my Blake So Happy ring out loud and clear……please!

Sherrill tweeted 9-8 Good morning ☼ @BBCRadio2 Happiness is the key ♥Blake♥ and life is the door….unlock my world so I can be So Happy  

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear, how much love I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Tweet 9-9-2013 You are my sunshine,You make me So Happy!You’ll never know Blake,How much I love you♥Please share my sunshine today☼@achrisevans @BBCRadio2 

 You are my sunshine, You make me So Happy 🙂 You’ll never know Blake, How much I love you♥ Please share my sunshine today ☼ @achrisevans   @BBCRadio2 

“Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.”

Asking once, Asking  twice

Playing SO HAPPY by BLAKE   @BBBRadio2

Sherrill 9-9-2013 Asking once, Asking twice, Playing SO HAPPY by BLAKE @BBCRadio2


#nowrequesting @BBCRadio2 So Happy by ♥Blake♥ #nowrequesting

It’s Triple Thursday J #SoHappy plays Jackpot (slot machine 7)Blake (music notes) @BBCRadio2 9-11-2013

Trio Thursday 3cherry

Tweeted 9-12-2013 Be So Happy and others will see your happiness & be So Happy too 🙂 @BBCRadio2  @TheBandBlake

Pick a song

9-13-2013 Superstitiously So Happy? They say good things come in threes Blake♥♥ @BBCRadio2

9-14-2013 Giving part of your heart is what makes us So Happy  @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2

Sunday Singing So Happy featuring the @TheBandBlake on  ♥ @BBCRadio2

So Happy Day ♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 9-15-2013

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion  @BBCRadio2 Blake’s Song Search Request 9-16-2013

SoHappy songsearch

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion 54m & Sherrill  I found @StephenBowman on Twitter (Feb 2013) So Happy now 🙂@BBCRadio2 #Blake #SoHappy   9-17-2013

Happy John Lennon

”happiness was the key to life…asked me what I wanted to be..

I wrote down *happy* ” John Lennon 

I want to be So HappyBlake @BBCRadio2 Tweeted 9-18-2013

A happy heart + a happy mind = So Happy song by @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2  9-25-2013

#thursday I’m #SoHappy it’s almost @TheBandBlake Friday!!! @BBCRadio2 9-25-2013

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion 4s

@BBCRadio2 Live,Laugh,Love and be #SoHappy  @TheBandBlake 9-28-2013

So: without any doubt~Happy: feeling, showing, or expressing joy; pleased @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2   Oct 2, 2013

Blake Bingo Music BBCRadio2 So Happy Oct 3,2013

@BBCRadio2  the clouds are crying, please play #SoHappy to dry their tears 💦 @TheBandBlake  Oct 4,2013

I don’t need sunshine to be #SoHappy  @TheBandBlake ~ I need @BBCRadio2 🙂 Oct 5th

What’s better than singing in the rain? (raindrops umbrella) Listening to the (3 musical notes)raindrops of #SoHappy dancing on @BBCRadio2 ❤ @TheBandBlake   Oct 5, 2013

I heard you for like 3:36 min… and it made me So Happy…@TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2 Thank you 

Sherrill Klaus ‏@SherrillKlaus 28sGood things come to those who wait & work hard♥♥♥ #SoHappy @TheBandBlake  @BBCRadio2   Oct 7, 2013

“Find the Atoms of #SoHappy, think like a Proton @BBCRadio2 and Stay Positive @TheBandBlake”  Oct. 28, 2013

Blake Atomic-Love-Hearts

Trick or treat

Flying over a Big lake

SoHappy to hear


Have no fear

@BBCRadio2  is here!!!   Oct 30-31, 2013

girl on flying broom

bandicam 2014-03-05 23-58-44-000

bandicam 2014-06-17 11-36-58-092

Stephen, I’ve watched your Ustream chat twice today. The day of the chat is where I first “heard” of you and Blake. Not the actual chat, but from seeing my friends’ Tweets all over my timeline! I was like, Who is she tweeting? So I read your name and Googled you. Music band Blake. I was very impressed that you would take the time to chat and chat for so long❤ I wanted to say Hello to you,  but didn’t. Then you tweeted saying to send a hello message to you and you would say hello back and follow. My window was open! I tweeted you and sent picture, “Welcome to My World”. And you followed me back 🙂 At this point I still had not heard any music. Someone shared “Bring Him Home” … that song. That was my first Blake song 😍 Beautiful harmonies and voices. Then came lots more tweets!! And many Fan Pages and Fan Sites later……. I  have now listened to  ♫To Make You Feel My Love♫Living On Sunshine♫ and  🎶No Way to Know🎶 ……which is my favorite (so far). I have bought Blake & And So It Goes CD’s. Will order Start Over CD ♪♫

Thank you Stephen (and Blake)

March 24,2013
So much has happened in less than a month! I am so honored to be Co- Admin with Victoria♥(The Official Stephen Bowman)
Thank you so very much Victoria♥
I have and love all 4 of Blake’s CD’s.
So far this is my Live performance of Blake ♥♥♥ Blake Sneaky Peak

Stephen’s First webchat   February 3, 2013

Stephen’s Tea Party     Published on Jun 9, 2013     A special 90 minute private video session with questions from Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to everyone for taking part, was such fun for me! – Captured Live on Ustream at…

🙂 🙂 🙂 August  2013  So Happy 🙂 So very Happy with Victoria & Diane

Official Stephen Bowman Fan Site

Started my own Blake Fan Sites♥♥♥

My Blake World touched-up.

Blake Passion Group; Passion Page; Passion Twitter; @BlakePassion

Time for coffee, cake and Blake

Find me on the web 🙂

Blake Blog







 October 2013       I can’t love them too much ♥♥♥

Cloud Curtains

You Raise Me Up
Concert Highlights
With or Without You
No Way To Know

and my favorite song is … Chasing Cars   Love♥Love♥Love♥


BID Book


My friend ♥Cynthia♥ went to see Blake in October and  guys signed flyer for me 🙂 My first personal autographs from ♥Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie ♥Blake♥

My Blake autographs


Blake recorded an OPM CD and went to Philippines Dec 12th for shows & promoting their new CD!!! My friend ♥Meg bought me the CD, guys signed it for me and she got photos/video of them signing it for me ♥ It was an unforgettable experience for her & I as we both learned a lot about shipping around the world 😉 Thanks to my niece Amanda for help♥ I treasure my first CD from ♥Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie ♥Blake♥

photo (2)

bandicam 2013-12-18 10-12-51-014

bandicam 2013-12-20 14-04-31-941

bandicam 2013-12-20 13-59-59-506

BLAKE’s first ever Tagalog album!!! Get your copy here …iTunes: 
Do share with your friends! Salamat po
Sherrill Klaus's photo.
Sherrill Klaus's photo.
Sherrill Klaus's photo.








…my passion
7 Years 
To The Sun 
Say That You Love Me 
Pusong Bato
  Roadside life in the Philippines

     Merry Christmas

Stephen, Ollie and Humphrey

bandicam 2014-01-26 00-51-47-612

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.

When I read that David & Sarah were performing in an opera, La Traviata together, I knew I had to see it. I called niece (who lives an hour away from venue) and made plans to stay with her and take her to opera with me. Sue was getting a group package together so reserved 2 tickets for me! Bought airline ticket and then just had to wait months and months before January 19, 2013. Finally, it is time to pack and fly to Florida. Thankfully airports have Wi-Fi so I can Tweet☺  First flight was fun, sat with 2 friendly ladies and we chatted the entire flight. Second flight…the gate area was very small and was being used for two flights. My flight was going to be over an hour late. Attendant opened door for first flight to leave….I could see outdoors! I knew then that my flight was going to be on a very small plane.  At last, time to board my flight! I did have a window seat, but it was too dark to see anything. However, I was entertained. There was a guy on flight and he had put his bag in compartment above me. He opened his bag 3 times. Each time he had to raise his arms and his shirt went up too. I had no choice but to look…….Third time I made eye contact. No, I didn’t notice a wedding band; too busy looking at his yummy tummy and eyes! He looked Italian♥ Landed safely and home to Ft. Lauderdale with niece.  Saturday morning drive to Miami for High School Robotics Competition; it was like seeing The Big Bang Theory in person! Back to Ft. Lauderdale to get ready for lunch and opera. Drive to West Palm Beach to meet 19 friends and fans of IL Divo, David and Sarah for lunch at Cheesecake Factory! Wow! It was such an amazing time♥ I had so much fun meeting and talking to everyone! Lots of pictures taken! ♥ Food was beyond delicious. Paula (niece), Debbie (new friend from UK) and I walked around town & window-shopped in Macy’s until time for opera!

La Traviata♥…….had Center, 4th Row seat. Our group of 31 was sitting in several rows. We were so close to stage! Opera was perfect and wonderful. I only took my eyes off stage to glance at translation board; I didn’t want to miss a single moment. Sarah was magnificent♥ I had chills several times while she was singing. So beautiful. I could feel the music, didn’t really need to know the words. David was in his element and heavenly splendid♥ Ah…. Costumes were great and scenery was simple, but elegant. Everyone in opera was fantastic! There were dancers, toreros, party goers… everyone was awesome☺ The end was sad… not only sadness because it was over. We gave them a standing ovation and many, many curtain calls! I noticed David wiping tears; it was such an emotional moment. I let my tears fall.  I Tweeted David many weeks ago that should I get a chance to meet him again, I would talk to him and not be nervous. I kept my word. We waited by the stage door for them to come out. Didn’t have to wait long and there they were. When leaving Opera House I had grabbed a large handful of programs for my friends. When I got near David he looked at me and when I got next to him, he hugged me (he knows how to hug♥) and we started talking with my face against his chest! I am shorter than him: P Then he saw all the programs and said”I have to sign all those?” I laughed and said “No, just mine” My niece took our picture   IMG_1127sm  and I went to meet Sarah. I said hello to her and told her how much I enjoyed my first opera and we hugged. Then I handed her my card and she says, I know this name…I tweet you! I said yes, I tweet you and you tweet me back and we both laughed. That moment is etched forever in my memory♥  She told us how she got the part of Violetta and mentioned to Palm Beach Opera that she knew someone who was perfect and available for the part of Alfredo….so she likes to tell people she got him the part. It was so lovely meeting her and the fact that I could “tell her” how much I enjoyed her performance and my first opera made it more special. IMG_1130sm

Met Daniel Biaggi, General Director of Palm Beach Opera…a very nice, friendly and funny man!

What an evening at the Opera I had……I have chills just remembering the spectacular performances from all. I have been softly crying just writing about it.  David and Sarah were magnificent and seeing them afterwards was so heartwarming♥♥  As was making new friends♥

David en Twitter To everyone who came to palm beach to support us, thank you very very much. Lets do this again soon..