November 6, 2013 ★★★★★ My personal review of…to the sun ~~~Blake  
Beautiful and Inspirational words written for BLAKE by Alistair Griffin and sung with such heart-warming emotion by Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie . I listen every day and can feel the words harmonize into life by their voices. They performed it Live at the South Pole 2013 Challenge launch on Thursday 14th November in Trafalgar Square, London. All proceeds go to Walking With The Wounded.

★★★★★Classical Inspiration, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk
This review is from: Blake (Audio CD)
This is the Band’s debut CD but my first time hearing it. I feel it is so different from Start Over Blake and And So It Goes And So It Goes. Even so, their voices blend perfectly and beautifully. They’re so different but all awesome and performed in perfect harmony:) Listening to them is such a pleasant & relaxing experience. Still waiting for my copy of Together:Special Edition Together: Special Edition to arrive :)Their music is a must have!

★★★★★ Rapturous, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk
This review is from: And So It Goes (Audio CD)
Their voices flow smoothly, are softly melodic and with the terrific percussions ♥♥♥ are truly rapturous! Time To Say Goodbye and Chasing Cars are fantastic and need more than 5 stars.

★★★★★Vocal Perfection, 9 April 2013
By sljk
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This review is from: Together (Special Edition) (Audio CD)
I stumbled upon Stephen Bowman (Blake) on Twitter. I was so impressed by his dedication to fans that I followed him and within a few days I had ordered all 4 of their CD’s!! They sing beautifully together….in perfect harmony…….. I hear angels singing. They have a vast selection of songs which I listen too endlessly. And I hope to hear them sing LIVE here in the USA !!! Soon!

★★★★★ Angelic Voices, 17 Mar 2013
By sljk –
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This review is from: Start Over (Audio CD)
I have only recently discovered Blake and I love listening to them. It is sheer heaven listening to their angelic voices…..voices that harmonize beautifully. I can and do listen to them all day. They are simply amazing.
Music incorporates all; love, feelings, dreams, sounds, justice, nature, fun, emotions.
I am so looking forward to hearing and seeing them Live in concert!!!
and meeting them!!! The sooner the better ☺
My personal favorite is *No Way To Know*, amazing acoustics and perfectly blended voices.
I highly recommend their music; *Start Over*, *Blake*, *And So It Goes*, and *Together* for anyone/everyone who appreciates beautiful music and singing.


Hook, Line & Sinker…reel in the big one!!! So Happy by Blake♥

So Happy…you play in my head all day ♥Blake♥

happiness_is_a_choice SOHAPPY

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken.” ~Deepak Chopra

J SO HAPPY…you spin in my head all day!!! Take a ride on ♥Blake  @BBCRadio2

Happiness is the key(Blake) and life is the door….unlock my world so I can be So Happy

BlakePassion 9-8 Good morning  @achrisevans  and @BBCRadio2  Open the window and let my Blake So Happy ring out loud and clear……please!

Sherrill tweeted 9-8 Good morning ☼ @BBCRadio2 Happiness is the key ♥Blake♥ and life is the door….unlock my world so I can be So Happy  

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear, how much love I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Tweet 9-9-2013 You are my sunshine,You make me So Happy!You’ll never know Blake,How much I love you♥Please share my sunshine today☼@achrisevans @BBCRadio2 

 You are my sunshine, You make me So Happy 🙂 You’ll never know Blake, How much I love you♥ Please share my sunshine today ☼ @achrisevans   @BBCRadio2 

“Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.”

Asking once, Asking  twice

Playing SO HAPPY by BLAKE   @BBBRadio2

Sherrill 9-9-2013 Asking once, Asking twice, Playing SO HAPPY by BLAKE @BBCRadio2


#nowrequesting @BBCRadio2 So Happy by ♥Blake♥ #nowrequesting

It’s Triple Thursday J #SoHappy plays Jackpot (slot machine 7)Blake (music notes) @BBCRadio2 9-11-2013

Trio Thursday 3cherry

Tweeted 9-12-2013 Be So Happy and others will see your happiness & be So Happy too 🙂 @BBCRadio2  @TheBandBlake

Pick a song

9-13-2013 Superstitiously So Happy? They say good things come in threes Blake♥♥ @BBCRadio2

9-14-2013 Giving part of your heart is what makes us So Happy  @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2

Sunday Singing So Happy featuring the @TheBandBlake on  ♥ @BBCRadio2

So Happy Day ♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 9-15-2013

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion  @BBCRadio2 Blake’s Song Search Request 9-16-2013

SoHappy songsearch

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion 54m & Sherrill  I found @StephenBowman on Twitter (Feb 2013) So Happy now 🙂@BBCRadio2 #Blake #SoHappy   9-17-2013

Happy John Lennon

”happiness was the key to life…asked me what I wanted to be..

I wrote down *happy* ” John Lennon 

I want to be So HappyBlake @BBCRadio2 Tweeted 9-18-2013

A happy heart + a happy mind = So Happy song by @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2  9-25-2013

#thursday I’m #SoHappy it’s almost @TheBandBlake Friday!!! @BBCRadio2 9-25-2013

Blake Passion♫ ‏@BlakePassion 4s

@BBCRadio2 Live,Laugh,Love and be #SoHappy  @TheBandBlake 9-28-2013

So: without any doubt~Happy: feeling, showing, or expressing joy; pleased @TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2   Oct 2, 2013

Blake Bingo Music BBCRadio2 So Happy Oct 3,2013

@BBCRadio2  the clouds are crying, please play #SoHappy to dry their tears 💦 @TheBandBlake  Oct 4,2013

I don’t need sunshine to be #SoHappy  @TheBandBlake ~ I need @BBCRadio2 🙂 Oct 5th

What’s better than singing in the rain? (raindrops umbrella) Listening to the (3 musical notes)raindrops of #SoHappy dancing on @BBCRadio2 ❤ @TheBandBlake   Oct 5, 2013

I heard you for like 3:36 min… and it made me So Happy…@TheBandBlake @BBCRadio2 Thank you 

Sherrill Klaus ‏@SherrillKlaus 28sGood things come to those who wait & work hard♥♥♥ #SoHappy @TheBandBlake  @BBCRadio2   Oct 7, 2013

“Find the Atoms of #SoHappy, think like a Proton @BBCRadio2 and Stay Positive @TheBandBlake”  Oct. 28, 2013

Blake Atomic-Love-Hearts

Trick or treat

Flying over a Big lake

SoHappy to hear


Have no fear

@BBCRadio2  is here!!!   Oct 30-31, 2013

girl on flying broom

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