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November 23, 2015


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July 26, 2015

Humph's HB Card July 26, 2015

Humphrey July 26, 1980

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❤ Happy First Anniversary ❤

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I stumbled upon Stephen in February 2013. I was so impressed by his dedication and interaction with friends on Twitter, that I joined, followed and Liked everything Stephen/Blake I could find! I bought all of their Cd’s from Amazon.UK. I was so excited when I found a link to download a song from iTunes.Uk 🙂 Which I did! But then, I couldn’t “get” back home to USA on iTunes 😦 Nothing I clicked on worked. I asked Stephen for help in getting me back home! He sent me a link and told me what to do. It worked! He got me back home ❤
I have been helping run his Official Fan Club and I am ❦Blake Passion♪♫
My dream has been to meet them, hug them, see/hear them sing Live, talk (in person) to them ❤ I'm sure there will be laughter and tears(mine) I have promised I wouldn't stop breathing…yea right 😉
Doors to my dreams are wide open! Pledge Music has provided paths to reach my Passion ❤ I have pledged with my heart (not my wallet) and I will be In the Studio and having Afternoon Tea with Blake and meeting other friends ❤ that I have met online! …and Baking with Blake if it works out…?
I am #sohappy 🙂
Let's meet in London! After seeing Stephen's video update yesterday about the In Studio experience I am SO glad I signed up for that. There are but a few places left for it…You too can make your dreams come true.

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Thank you Cynthia ❤ and Victoria ❤
Blake ‘In Harmony’ Autumn UK Tour 2014
New dates for Blake August 5th
Beautiful words from a beautiful man August 2, 2014



What does Passion look like???
…if you’ve ever wondered what BLAKE Passion sounds and looks like…
Stop~Look~and Listen ♪♫
BLAKE – Hallelujah – LIVE in Concert 2014 Epic Studios

BLAKE singing Moon River In Harmony

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I L♥VE your Live videos
We love singing ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys

after Pledge baking
Who wants to spend a few hours baking a cake with Stephen, Humphrey or Ollie???
There’s still time to sign up for the singing baker men !!!
Brit-Award-winning harmony group BLAKE are soon to have a ‘Great British Blake Off’ with their friends & fans, so Stephen gives some eggcellent advice in advance, for all budding bakers! Enjoy!

Blake Radio Flash August 2014
A 3 hour window with BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go
Hope the Internet is smiling tomorrow 🙂

Listen LIVE to BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go singing and chatting on BBC London 94.9 with DJ Gaby Roslin tomorrow – The show starts at 3pm and we’re on throughout the 3 hours. You’ll even get to hear our duet single ‘Falling Slowly’, exclusive first listen!

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ssafa video
Click photo for video

ssafa studio

Ssafa ponchos

Blake: Earlier we were proudly standing in the pouring rain by Tower Bridge, surrounded by the Military Wives choir, war veterans and the SSAFA military charity, singing ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Want to watch the official music video? Visit here:
Republic Media @Republic_Media
Looking handsome, @TheBandBlake singing for @SSAFA. The rain doesn’t stop them!
sunshine ssafa

SSAFA Choir in Potters Fields sing Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

Blake singing in the rain for charity♥ August 10, 2014

Blake singing Pack Up Your Troubles
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Thank you Gaby ♥ and ♥ Blake ♥ and Rachelle Ann Go ♥
Listen again

Blake Autumn Tour 2014
Reserve your seat now for the best show this fall♥
my ticketmaster uk review

Our biggest UK tour yet starts this September, with some awesome venues in Greater London and around the country. We’ll be performing lots of songs from our new album too, so please do support us boys and book early:

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3 leaves from heaven
BLAKE #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines
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Baking with me or Blake Pledge
Bake with me or Blake ??? 😉
Just took mine out of the oven 😀

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Union Chapel 2

Union Chapel
See BLAKE in this magnificent venue…which is actually a working Church, an award winning venue and a centre for homeless in London.
Union Chapel – London’s Favourtie Venue 2014

*Blake: Are you a Londoner? Want to see BLAKE in their biggest London show of 2014, in a stunning 1000 seat venue? On November 22nd we will play Union Chapel, Islington. Tickets available here: *

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The boys from BLAKE recording their parts for the album. A great day working with them and a privilege to have them involved with our project for Walking With The Wounded.
You can support the project as well through the Inconnu Roll of Honour at . Show your respect for a friend or family member, past or present, and preserve their name forever. Your support will also include a free download of the album when released.
#classicall #conceptalbum #firstworldwar #ww1centenary #supportourtroups #supportthewalk #wwtw #walkingwiththewounded #charity #giving #thebandblake #blake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion

Award Winning Vocalists Blake to Perform with Rachelle Ann Go at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM …Tonight !!! 7:30pm
BRIT-Award winning vocalists BLAKE have joined the line-up of artists set to perform at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM – a one-off Gala at the Leicester Square Theatre this Sunday (17 August)2014 to raise money for abandoned and neglected orphans in Manila.

BLAKE will duet with Filipino pop star Rachelle Ann Go, who is currently appearing as Gigi in Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre. They have previously performed together in the Philippines, and have recorded a duet for BLAKE’s forthcoming studio album, In Harmony,(available here ) which will accompany their 20-date UK tour, launching in September.

THE PHILIPPINE DREAM Leicester Square Theatre Sunday 17 August 2014 7.30pm
Book tickets:
When we were last in the Philippines we had the honour of being sung to by a huge choir of orphans in Manila. Tonight we’re proud to be raising funds for these children & all their companions, with a show at the Leicester Square theatre. If you have a chance, come! Lots of big stars!

Thanks for sharing your voices and giving your time helping others♥

BLAKE: “Are you a fan of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing? Well here’s the latest ‘new 4th member’ to throw his hat into the ring, none other than Sir Anton du Beke himself. He has a superb voice!”
Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new '4th member' Anton Du Beke,
Stephen Bowman: “Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new ‘4th member’ Anton Du Beke, who has a great voice!:)”
Thank you Bonnie Britain @bonnie1408 ♥ for taking these lovely photos at The The Phillippine Dream …and for letting me share them 🙂
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Please do not share Bonnie’s photos without giving her credit for them.
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Car Torque …. with musical trio Blake
by Matt Westcott
Updated on 6:06pm Monday 18th August 2014 in News

BRIT-Award winners Blake – Humphrey Berney, Stephen Bowman and Oliver Baines – are back with a refined new sound, new songs and their biggest UK tour yet.

Re-inspired by the trio harmonies of The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees, The Lettermen and Boyz-II-Men, Blake’s latest concert show entitled ‘In Harmony’ sees them combining classic songs from their first four award winning albums, with exclusive new songs from their upcoming fifth album ‘In Harmony’.

The boys are appearing at the Gala Theatre in Durham on September 19.
Tickets are £20.

For more details contact the Box Office on 0300 026 6600.

For more details about the boys visit

What was your first car?
Humphrey Berney: A Mini Mayfair, above, which I kitted out to look like a Cooper, plus adding a new head. I loved that car – a legal go-kart. Cheap to run, full of character, racing seats, wheel and gear stick. Brilliant! RIP Monty.

Stephen Bowman: My first car was a white Vauxhall estate, with a diesel engine and over 185,000 miles. It cost my dad about £300 and the agreement was that once it died I could have a pretty car. The old girl refused to give in – in the end I drove it into a wall.

Oliver Baines: The first car I drove regularly was a hand-me-down Mitsubishi Shogun called Big Sid. It was nearly 18 when it came to me, so we were equals in that respect, but the poor old boy didn’t last long, and after wheezing and puffing his way along for a few more years, the head gasket finally blew outside my school gates – too much derision! He was retired on permanent loan to some friends in Scotland for farm work. I believe they paid us £50. A great way to learn about the pitfalls of old cars though!

How many times did it take to pass your test?

Humphrey: Twice. Outrageous! I failed on not entering a yellow hatched box when turning right. Second time, I had a great Scottish examiner. Monty the Mini was waiting when I finished and I drove straight to school. The girls were impressed!

Stephen: Aged 17, nothing in the world mattered more to me than passing my test, which is probably why it took me three attempts to reduce the nerves enough not to muck it up. My poor BSM instructor was pretty glad to see the back of me!

Oliver: I learned to drive at university with a man called Geoffrey who swore almost constantly. My lessons were thus highly amusing and extremely informative – alas I never recorded one of his rants. When I took my test, the examiner failed me for overtaking a lorry on the dual carriageway after the mile marker for my exit. This caused the most almighty argument between him and my instructor in the back seat, who – with multiple expletives – pointed out, that this was perfectly normal driving practice and something else about arses and elbows. Needless to say, this didn’t help.

Who would be your ideal fantasy passenger and where would you go?

Humphrey: Jenson button. I would get him to take me straight to McLaren so we could take lots of cars out on the track and get some tips. I love driving on the track. I’ve done quite a lot on motorbikes as well. Brilliant! If Jenson was not available then Stirling Moss – a true legend.
Stephen: For the perfect car journey I’d want the company of a gorgeous lady with plenty of stories to tell, so it would have to be Joanna Lumley, above. Loved her ever since watching reruns of The Avengers when I was a kid. I’d drive her to Paris and back!

Oliver: I have this fantasy that one day I will be the passenger and Humphrey or Stephen will instead drive me around the country for thousands of miles… but this is wishful thinking I fear.

What is your dream car?

Humphrey: At the moment I have it – Triumph spitfire 1500 from 1980. It makes an awesome noise – great stainless steel exhaust – and people love it. I would love an AC Cobra. What a car! I find a lot of modern cars lack any character.

Stephen: When I was 23 and made some money, I bought my dream car – a 1981 DeLorean gullwing, an icon of motoring. To this day it’s the car that makes me smile the most. A close second is the 70s Lotus Esprit – I adore the purity of its lines.

Oliver: I will – one day – get hold of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, below – 1980s one obviously, none of this new rubbish. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t need a reason for this?
How would you describe your driving style?

Humphrey: Confident but safe. Stopping distance is so important and I hate people who tail-gate – so dangerous. On a track I am aggressive, but really enjoy hitting the smooth racing lines. I hope to get my racing license soon.

Stephen: Day-to-day I actually ride a Honda sports bike as I get more of a thrill from two wheels than I do from four, plus I never get stuck in traffic. When I drive a car, I’m very cautious, especially with others inside. On the bike, it’s just me, so I have fun!

Oliver: London school of motoring. Meaning not scared to get about and use shortcuts. Actually my friends do all refer to the Ollie Baines school of motoring, but they don’t complain about getting from the West End to South West London in ten minutes.

Tell me one driving anecdote from your past?

Humphrey: We were recently invited to the Lotus test track where we drove the Exige S. An amazing car – perfectly balanced, stunningly quick and brilliant fun. I am a Norfolk boy so very proud of Lotus. The new Evora S is incredible. I borrowed one for a weekend and it really hurt when I had to give it back!
Stephen: Eight years ago I polished up my DeLorean, above, and set off for Monaco, purely to park up in the main square and enjoy a cold beer in the summer evening sun. The car made it all the way there, no problems. It got more photos than all of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches which line up in front of the casino. It was great to upstage cars costing 20 times its price.

Oliver: We were once on tour in Denmark with a terrible rental MPV and a suicidal sat-nav. It took us up this precipice in the snow whereupon the road became impassable and I was forced to reverse for a mile-and-a-half on ice with half a wheel over the edge of this 100ft drop below. I was so concerned that it might go over the brink that I made the boys get out of the car and walk behind me with all of the luggage. To top it all off we were becoming late for a flight – the last before Christmas Day naturally – and therefore weren’t all that keen on missing it. This stress plus the cold sweat caused by the danger of the road meant that when I finally found a space to turn the car around and rejoin a main road, I completely forgot to drive on the right. I realised my mistake almost immediately when we saw the lights of an articulated lorry approaching on our side. I turned the wheel calmly to the right, hoping the boys hadn’t noticed my mistake. Nothing happened. I turned harder, still nothing. With a jolt I realised our wheels were stuck like a tram in the 10ins deep ice tracks caused by one of these same vast trucks currently bearing down on us at 60 mph. With a huge effort I yanked the wheel hard over and we bounced out of the ruts into a power slide to the opposite carriageway just as this behemoth thundered by, horn blasting, but apparently unaccustomed to using brakes of any kind. We made our plane. Just.

What are you listening to?

Humphrey: It depends. In my Triumph then nothing apart from the awesome exhaust note. In the Volvo a whole mix. Classical music works on a long journey and we travel a lot so it helps keep you relaxed.

Stephen: I’m a big fan of La Roux, below and have been waiting patiently for her follow-up album for quite some time. The first single off that album is called “Let Me Down Gently” and has become my 2014 ultimate driving anthem, it’s practically on repeat!

Oliver: All sorts, but a lot of Radio 4 to be honest, and old podcasts of Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letter From America’ are a current favourite.
What do you drive now?

Humphrey: My Triumph and also a boring Volvo V40 – not very exciting, but perfect for London as I don’t mind when it’s scratched and bumped. You must have off-street parking if you have a nice car otherwise they get bumped, scratched or stolen! My Triumph is tucked away and the Volvo is not!

Stephen: I’m currently riding/driving a 2014 Honda CBR-600-F, which is basically a mixture of a sports bike and a touring bike. With me on top it has a power-to-weight ratio that shames many supercars, so I’m generally first off the lights, with a big smile!
Oliver: I drive a 1970s MGB roadster, above, which I bought for peanuts when we first signed a record deal. I’ve restored it to its current state of beauty over seven years, and it is a total money pit! But I love every nut and bolt.
Blake In harmony Dreamcatcher
Weave your own BLAKE DreamCatcher

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virtual banner final
Join us for a Virtual Blake In Harmony Show!!!
Blake Autumn Tour 2014 Virtual Flyer used for event
What an honor and a pleasure it is helping ♥guys make their dreams come true♥
Stephen Bowman·
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:
Blake· Would you like to have YOUR name immortalised in our CD sleeve for the new album, or the name of someone you love? You can! Just click the below link and scroll down to pick “Your name in the credits” –

Fly on the wall
Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when guys were recording this? I’m not sure but I think studios are kept very cool because of equipment…add them singing and we would simultaneously have goosebumps and hot flashes
YOU can be there whilst they are recording…
There are a few spaces left for their ‘In The Studio’ experience on PledgeMusic

Blake: Hope you like this little teaser video of ‘Wicked Game’, off the upcoming album ‘In Harmony’ from BLAKE.

It’s available to order on Amazon.

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cd cover track list his

………………..♪♫ Sung with Passion In Harmony ♪♫………………………
Check this out, the full track listing for our new album, the official cover image and photos from whilst we were making it! Please please help us by ordering it asap, here:

Stephen Bowman
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:

Blake Passion
Pre-ordering In Harmony album from Amazon UK helps BLAKE in the UK Charts The more pre-orders = higher chart position for guys when album is released

Pledging for In Harmony you can choose limited signed editions or not signed. Plus there are several marvelous experiences; YOUR name in the credits inside CD…be in the studio with guys…Bake a Cake with Blake…Backstage VIP M&G…Sing with Blake onstage and lots of cool stuff you can get; signed photos…signed calendar…receive a personal greeting card from guys…personal video performance…available for a short time!!!

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Blake article supporting collage
Going to a concert /show is more than just buying a ticket to see someone sing/perform. Your ‘ticket’ means you are supporting the arts, artist, musicians, crew, venue, employees and local communities which include local choirs. BLAKE gives local choirs the opportunity to perform on stage with them! These choirs are children, young adults, or mature adults who enjoy singing and who work very hard learning the art of singing. The choirs who perform with Blake need to learn several songs so they can sing ‘with the band’.
This means lots of rehearsals … and lots of fun singing with and meeting Blake!!!
Sadly, this article shows what lack of support can do; Theatres Trust lists 33 historic theatres ‘at risk’
By Ian Youngs
Arts reporter, BBC News
So…Please support your local theatres!
Please continue supporting Blake and your local choirs
Ticketmaster United Kingdom
In Harmony on Amazon UK

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Blake In Harmony Halleujah NYC Jan. 2014 screenshot
Get through your mid-week work blues and spend one, two or three evenings with the three guys of BLAKE and then close the week-end treating yourself to a lovely Sunday evening with Blake
BLAKE bring their new In Harmony Autumn Tour to;
Wycombe Swan Theatre Tuesday, September 23 at 7:30pm
Fairfield Halls Wednesday, September 24 at 7:30pm
Venue Cymru Thursday, September 25 , at 7:30pm
The Octagon Theatre Sunday, September 28 at 7:30pm
Brit-Award winning singers whose stunning harmonies and original fun banter have been entertaining audiences around the world.
Blake Events

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This is what happens when WE don't do as they ask
Heeelp me 😉 😛 🙂
Click and buy BLAKE ♪♫ In Harmony♪♫
Amazon UKUK

Stephen Bowman Humphrey Blake
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Union Chapel
Blake Passion
I am going to my first BLAKE concert at Union Chapel
Wicked Game horses
A 2 minute clip from our cover of ‘Wicked Game’ from our new album ‘In Harmony’ –
if you enjoy it, please order your copy on Amazon here:
A little surprise for our fans in South Korea, since +TheBandBlake travel there this December for a concert tour! Quite tricky for three English guys, here is the South Korean national anthem, harmonised!
Ahead of their debut concert tour trip to South Korea in December 2014, Brit-Award winning harmony group BLAKE try their best to sing the South Korean national anthem. Many apologies for the terrible pronunciation, it will improve!

#thebandblake #southkorea #nationalanthem 
Final Day of Pledging
Blake Passion
It’s almost over…hours are dwindling away………………………………
Great news for everyone who ordered the new album on Pledge!
Good afternoon,
We have a very special surprise for everyone who pledged to receive BLAKE’s upcoming album ‘In Harmony’. Although we have moved the official release date of the new album to November 3rd, we are actually going to send all of our amazing pledgers their copies of the album on October 12th, nearly 3 weeks early! We will be officially bringing the Pledge campaign to a close on October 6th, so if you have any very last minute items you would also like to get hold of (you can still pledge to ‘Bake with Blake’!) now is the time! Thank you so much for all your fantastic support during the fundraising and making of our 5th album, we hope that you will have as much fun listening to it as we did making it over the last 6 months. With warm thanks to everyone, Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie
For last minute pledges, go to:

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Published on Oct 6, 2014
All For One choir members from Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Beverley, Lincoln and Scunthorpe choirs. the members joined forces to sing with Blake following the band seeing clips of the choir on you Tube. we had a wonderful time. What a great experience for our members, for many this was their first ever

All For One Choir loves me ♥

All For One Choir shared a link.
Just some of the highlights from our appearance with BLAKE. Thank You to Blake, we had the time of our lives. We now also have Blake Passion Until next time, have a great tour. If you haven’t seen them yet, you are missing a treat.

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Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
You know how it is when you have waited and waited and waited for something … then one day you wake up and there it is. The finished project. #InHarmony. You can’t help but feel a twinge of trepidation …what if there is something I do not like? You have conjured up so many ideas, thoughts, hopes and???
You click the download link and wait. You click play … and then, as you listen to each new song, a sense of ‘calmness’ comes over you, filling you with Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie’s beautiful, exciting, pure ‘In Harmony’ voices
I love it ♥ Blake has made us the perfect album.
This is ♥BLAKE♥♥

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The Prayer duet
Blake Passion
The Prayer is such a beautiful and powerful song that
Rebecca Newman and BLAKE included their duet on new albums;
♥Dare To Dream and In Harmony♥
BBCRadio2 played it on air…have a listen

Get yours here:
Two Must-Have albums!!

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Countdown to my first Blake concert

Blake Passion
Great, funny chat with guys 🙂
I LOVE ♥Forever♥

Interview with the Blake on 93.7 Express FM before their National tour
Darren Gamblen (@dazzlergamblen )
10/16/14, 11:21 AM
Great interview with @TheBandBlake …hope you enjoy :))

#interview #perfection #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #venues #autumn #tour #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #london #forever
Dream A Little Dream and an Awe-some-ness-ly long chat with guys
Voice of Russia UK
My Pledge to Blake
photo strip
Blake Passion shared Stephen Bowman’s status.
What a distinguished honor The Alan Titchmarsh Show has bestowed upon ♥ BLAKE ♥
Show with Blake airs on Thursday, 30th at 3pm. #ITV They’ll be singing ‘Fields of Gold’ and chatting to Alan about upcoming finale concert of 2014 at Union Chapel in London on November 22nd!
“8 years ago we BLAKE boys started our tv singing career on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh show – today we were honoured to be final music act of the final series. Alan is a rare gentleman in showbiz, we’ll miss his show greatly!”
Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
Blake – In Harmony album review

Posted on November 2, 2014 By Carys Jones

Record Company: Absolute via Universal/Music Infinity.

Release Date: November 3, 2014
1. You Needed Me
2. Love Me Tender
3. To Love Somebody
4. Wicked Game
5. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
6. Fields of Gold
7. Forever
8. You Raise Me Up, with Camilla Kerslake and The Sing To Beat Breast Cancer Choir
9. Say That You Love Me
10. Falling Slowly, with Rachelle Ann Go
11. The Prayer, with Rebecca Newman
12. The Right Words
13. Waiting
14. Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)

We love Blake and are pleased that they’ve got a shiny new album for us to listen to. Blake always make us feel happy, in that Notting Hill meets Love Actually kind of way, there’s something warm and comforting about them and there’s something of a rom-com vibe about them. They give out the vibe that romantic, English gentlemen are ten a penny and they make your day all that bit more joyful. We had a glimpse of them performing some of the songs on this album live at the Mandarin Oriental last week and it made us look forward to hearing their latest album.

This is their first album release as a three piece band, following Jules Knight’s departure to pursue his acting career. We are pleased that this has not affected how they sound at all and their slick harmonies remain intact and slick, with their voices seeming to have matured even further. Perhaps they felt as if they had to work harder to make a three piece work, but whatever their magic formula is, they have sprinkled is all over the album, which is glossy and lovely.

There are a generous fourteen songs on the album, featuring some interesting cover choices and seeing several guest singers, which adds a lot of variety. Blake sound fantastic from the off, with You Needed Me showing their classically trained voices to perfection. Love Me Tender is an interesting choice, they give the song a romantic and slow ballad feel, we’re still picturing Humphrey singing this with a quivering lip, but we’re not sure they will add Elvis’ moves to their live performances! Wicked Game is genuinely passionate and they sound fantastic on the track, which is a perfect choice of song for them. They give Sting’s Fields of Gold their own spin, giving it a bit of polish and it’s one of those raise your lighters in the air moments and sway along, hug your loved one type of track.

Song after song, this album generates warmth and we love how different is it yet again to their previous album releases. The different female voices heard on the album give this album something new. You Raise Me Up features the angelic voice of Camilla Kerslake, along with the voices of The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir and altogether, it’s a stunning song and their voices are all so powerful, they sound as if they are battling against each other for airspace, but each blending together so well, it’s a very powerful combination and we love it. Falling Slowly featuring Rachelle Ann Go is a strong love duet, sounding like something out of a Disney movie, if it were on screen, we could imagine the song covered in glitter, with the Princess dashing out to find her Prince Charming. The Prayer featuring Rebecca Newman has many twists and turns, starting out in English, before we heard their classically trained and operatic moments coming out to the fore. Rebecca’s voice hits so many beautiful notes that only certain soprano’s can carry off and again, this is stunning to listen to.

The Right Words has strong instrumental growth and Blake’s harmonies hit the strings at the precise moment required, showing their musicality and their strength as such accurate singers. Waiting is very deep in sound and sounds a bit like some of the songs from Blake’s earlier albums, it’s a very romantic sound. To add to their charm and distinct gentlemen style, they close off the album with Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel). This song has a lot of tender moments and it’s a bit of a weepy, as it’s quite emotional and hits you in the heart.

In Harmony is another sterling effort from Blake, classy, beautiful and hearing their talent plastered across another album in a world of auto-tune and certain people selling records with the help of controversy, or because of which celebrity they’re stepping or hanging out with, hearing this album is a joy to the ears! Now, where did we put the remote, time to switch on a rom-com and get cosy, or maybe we’ll just hit play on the album and sit here and listen to it all over again, feeling all that bit more happier inside.


Blake, Camilla Kerslake, In Harmony, Rachelle Ann Go, Rebecca Newman, The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir
– See more at:
Ladies and gentleman ✨Continuing Congratulations & Success 😊❤️
♥Continuing Congratulations & Success …
BLAKE 11/6/14
With unexpected joy our newest album #InHarmony has officially entered the top 100 chart in the UK! Got your copy?

#elfies 2014

Blake Passion
My Amazon review for #InHarmony
Blake’s fifth studio album is their first as a trio. Finding ‘The Right Words’ can be difficult sometimes when trying to say why you love something. However, I have been ‘Waiting’ and anticipating Blake’s new album “In Harmony” for …
what seems like ‘Forever’ !!! Which is my favorite song on album. ‘Forever’ starts off with a soft, smooth melody flowing gently….then the chorus comes in like a whirlwind! Their voices all singing as one … but are really layers upon layers of their beautiful voices dovetailing In Harmony.
You can hear and feel their heart, soul and passion in each song.
‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman, ‘You Raise Me Up’ with Camilla Kerslake and ‘Falling Slowly’ with Rachelle Ann Go just adds another dimension to their singing talents.
This is an album, simply superb. I have not had it long, yet I will be listening to In Harmony ‘Forever’
I have bought several copies to “Share it Forward” and for singing gifts. There is a song for everyone on this album!

Blake Passion
♥You and your music fill our hearts♥♥
…The New BLAKE CD is out!
Order your copy of #InHarmony today…
Your fine taste in music and kind support for BLAKE mean a great deal to us!
We are delighted to announce the brand new BLAKE album ‘In Harmony’ has been released this week! Available from iTunes Amazon UK and in #HMV highstreet stores. The album has already made it into the Top 100 album chart this week, after a number of TV & radio appearances including last week’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show performance of ‘Fields of Gold’ (you can watch it by clicking here:
If you would like to receive a copy of the album, or even a couple of CD’s for #Christmas presents, we recommend ordering on Amazon. Simply click the link below to order your copy:
Having listened to what their fans enjoyed most about their previous 4 albums, the BLAKE boys created this 14 song collection over 2 years whilst touring the world as a trio. The repertoire collection is their most eclectic yet but draws directly on the classical, musical and popular harmony singing roots which they’re so known for. Alongside their voices are a mixture of full orchestra, string sections, world class guitarists, pianists and 3 guest duet partners, including Miss Saigon’s Rachelle Ann Go, Brit Award nominee Camilla Kerslake and Classical No.1 Rebecca Newman. The producer of this album was none other than Andrew Powell, the producer of Kate Bush’s iconic albums and more recently the bestselling #ILDIVO albums.
Thank you again for your support for BLAKE. The boys are an independent band on their own record label, without the help of a major record corporation or a #SimonCowell, so every CD purchased and every live concert ticket obtained, makes a massive difference to their continued career as artists. They really value your support and really hope you enjoy this album.
If you would like to see the boys live in concert, in London, before the end of the year, they will be giving their big finale concert at Union Chapel in Islington, on November 22nd at 7:30pm. Tickets are available via this link –
It’s going to be a big night! Hope to see lots of you there!
With warm thanks,
The BLAKE team…

I can not wait to see YOU, #Blake there!!!

#thebandblake #sharingishappiness #SoHappy
#stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #venues #tour #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #concert #tickets #review #Sharingiscaring
Thank you Veteran’s
Bring Him Home by BLAKE

BBCRadio2 Chorister of Year 2014 air date Nov 13 for video
St Paul’s Cathedral Taped Oct 31, 2014
BBC Radio2
Blake and Rebecca sing ‘Amazing Grace’
Blake sings ‘Fields of Gold’ from their newly released album, In Harmony. available from AmazonUK
Blake and choristers sing ‘ Make Me Your Channel of Peace
For those of you who missed us singing ‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman on BBC1 earlier, here is the clip. Songs of Praise TV
If you enjoy it, please do share it and remember the song is on our new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:

Stephen Bowman·
Please share this video with all your friends for me, it’s our first major BBC1 tv performance as a trio and I’m really rather proud of it; well done Rebecca too!

Published on Nov 16, 2014
BRIT-award winning trio BLAKE appear on BBC Songs of Praise with soprano Rebecca Newman to sing The Prayer, as featured on their new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:
as natural as God intended
Blake Passion
…as natural as God intended ♪♫
BLAKE #InHarmony

#MerryChristmas #Giving #shopping #gifts #presents #lights #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music

First day in Seoul, Korea and we attended an official ceremony making BLAKE ambassadors for the Korean charity KAT which helps thousands of disabled people into fully paid work in agriculture. We sang the Korean national anthem acapella in 3 part harmony which went down well!

Come to USA So Happy

Awesome song from Blake just for us here in USA♥
Their latest album “Start Over” available on US iTunes

3 of their fantastic songs are only available here on US album!

My design for Start Over CD Cover 2

I Believe ♥     Dancing On Top Of The World ♥     No Way To Know ♥

I Believe                 DOTOTW          NWTK

  My personal design/interpretation of cover; not official.



♥Blake: Something a little different for you! Here’s the full length song “No Way To Know” from the US-only version of our latest album. Not available in the UK…yet 🙂


Blake January 2014

bandicam 2014-01-05 23-36-51-185
…upon their return to the USA, let’s look back at their
“US TV debut on TODAY Show!” April 27, 2011
Blake Shines on London’s Trafalgar Square 
We are extremely pleased to announce that BLAKE made their US television debut this morning on the TODAY Show. We were LIVE in Trafalgar Square for the NBC‘s Royal Wedding coverage. Being interviewed by Meredith Vieira was truly an honor. Click here for a very special LIVE performance of our new single, All Of Me. Thank you to everyone involved, we feel blessed to have this opportunity.


BLAKE to join Woody Allen at Carlyle Café, New York – BLAKE…

Jan 4, 2014 – BRIT-Award winning vocal trio BLAKE are delighted to have been invited to join Woody Allen at the prestigious Carlyle Café in New York this 

BLAKE to join Woody Allen at Carlyle Café, New York

BRIT-Award winning vocal trio BLAKE are delighted to have been invited to join Woody Allen at the prestigious Carlyle Café in New York this month, to give a 75 minute show in front of a select audience of music lovers and VIP’s.The last time that Woody Allen played at the Carlyle Café was in 2007, so there has been a great amount of anticipation for this special evening. BLAKE will be singing many of their popular vocal harmony hits, during their first live show in New York since 2010 when they sang for 1500 at Cipriani 42nd Street. Woody Allen will be performing at 8:45pm, followed by BLAKE at 10:45pm. The trio will also be performing the night before at New World Stages, near Times Square for the APAP international artists festival. The group have recently given live shows in Naples, Miami and LA, they look forward to adding new tour dates for the USA in the coming year, a country with a rich understand and love for harmony singing. A career highpoint for the group in America, was performing live on NBC’s Today Show during the Royal Wedding, introduced by Meredith Vieira before they sang ‘All of Me’, their anthem for the Royal couple.

For more detail on the Carlyle Café shows, visit their official website here:

Big bite of NY


… in just a few days Blake will be singing in the USA…following Woody Allen at the ‘Cafe Carlyle’ on Monday,January 13th! 10:45pm Do SHARE

Blake will be in New York, USA January 13th 
See Blake perform live at New York’s finest cabaret club.


Late Night Series performances begin at 10:45 p.m.


January 13
Monday at 10:45 p.m.

Cover Charge:
General Seating – USD25 per person + $25 F&B min

For inquiries, please contact The Carlyle or call +1 212 744 1600

BLAKE · 15,705 like this

2 hours ago · 

Our band BLAKE have just been booked to follow Woody Allen and his jazz band, this January 13th, at Cafe Carlyle in New York… an incredible honour for we three boys! If you’d like to come and watch our 70 minute show at 10:45pm, details are on the link below. More USA shows will follow later this year. Yay USA!!!!
My band BLAKE have just been booked to follow Woody Allen and his jazz band, this January 13th, at Cafe Carlyle in New York… an incredible honour for us boys! If you’d like to come and watch our 70 minute show, details are on the link below. More USA shows will follow later this year.
bandicam 2014-01-04 11-07-46-796

arriving collage

We’ve arrived in a wet, grey and misty New York City, getting to know the locals and searching for a place to eat dinner? Any recommendations? Tell us:)
January 11, 2014
SO HAPPY is in MY time zone 🙂
Blake Menu Cafe Carlyle Final
Tomorrow nights special at the Café Carlyle
 ♥Blake Heavenly Delight
Composed of 3 keys ♪ ♫ Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie harmonized perfectly together…
Burgers in NY
What’s a couple of burgers ? 😉
bandicam 2014-01-13 17-50-35-163

Video of a special night at The Carlyle in New York, where both Woody Allen and BLAKE give shows on the same stage, and Woody even sings!!! Share!
Come back soon and anytime ♥♥♥
Stephen Bowman
Stephen Bowman

January 14,2014  Had a great show at The Carlyle last night in New York, we’ve been invited to come back and sing again! Today we visited the Saturday Night Live studios at NBC, with our friend PJ 🙂

Stephen Bowma
Strolling down Madison Avenue in a wet rainy New York, seriously excited at the prospect of spending a lot more time visiting this city from now on! 

Strolling down Madison Avenue in a wet rainy New York, seriously excited at the prospect of spending a lot more time visiting this city from now on!

Victoria Zonner Here’s a Wednesday selfie from our very own SB after his morning workout. Looking good! Do you all agree?
Here's a Wednesday selfie from our very own SB after his morning workout. Looking good! Do you all agree
TweetLunch with Stephen, Humphrey & PJ ...
TweetLunch with Stephen Bowman  Humphrey Blake  & PJ …
Enjoying lunch at the famous Barney’s in New York, with our Filipino friend and stylist to the stars PJ, lovely day!
Stephen Bowman ‏♥
How did I forget to post this?!? Here’s @humphreyberney trying on the latest Virtual Reality headset in NY. Arnie??
Whilst @humphreyberney was partying in NYC, I sneaked this cute bird with long legs into his hotel room:) #funontour
                                            BLAKE in Washington, DC
March 20, 2014
Interrupting your day for a news bulletin▼

BLAKE has arrived in Washington DC for a special show tonight followed by a TV appearance on Fox News this Sunday, blue sky!
GOOD NEWS!!! We’ve just been told that our appearance on US television this Sunday March 23, 2014 at 1:45pm, will be on a big national show! Yep, that’s right, we’re on Fox News USA! Be sure to tune in or record the show, we’re very proud to be on it!
Fox News
We've arrived in Washington DC for a special show tonight followed by a TV appearance on Fox 5 this Sunday, blue sky!
bandicam 2014-03-21 10-46-12-116 bandicam 2014-03-21 10-45-49-958 bandicam 2014-03-21 10-45-36-523
Dreams do come true … thank you for this one ♥
We had an awesome show in Washington last night, for some very influential people, all raising money for the Children’s National Medical Centre, which cares for hundreds of thousands of sick children, from all backgrounds, every year. This is specially for them! If you enjoy it, share it:)
Just a typical day in the life of BLAKE😉
Untitled 1013782_10151908655671533_1570839807_na 1173737_10151908652906533_1849981374_na
bandicam 2014-03-21 12-53-52-322a bandicam 2014-03-21 12-32-18-188a
Look what we found in Washington, usefully located outside the British Embassy! Sadly not a secret hotline to the Prime Minister, the line was dead😦
bandicam 2014-03-21 12-55-12-881a
Visiting Abraham Lincoln in Washington. This truly is a fascinating city to be a tourist in. So much history, impressive architecture and green space!
Visiting Abraham Lincoln in Washington. This truly is a fascinating city to be a tourist in. So much history, impressive architecture and green space!

Stephen Bowman 
Georgetown at sunset, now this place is coming ALIVE 🙂
BritSchoolWashington (@BSW_School)
Not just great performers, @TheBandBlake were gracious and engaged with the students. You’re welcome back anytime! 
A massive thank you to @TheBandBlake for genuinely generously sharing their time with our students!
Whilst in Washington DC we took an afternoon out to visit the British School and give a talk on the music industry to students aged 8 through to 16. When we asked if Justin Bieber was a good musical role model, all 150 of them shouted ‘No!!!’ in unison. The future looks bright!

‪#‎CapitalTweet‬ Stephen Bowman
We made it to Capitol Hill in Washington, such a beautiful city to visit, loads to see. I can’t wait to come back!

When are you coming back???

Stephen Bowman (@StephenBowman)We just recorded a performance in front of Obama's house, much to the amusement delight of around a few hundred tourists  protestors

We just recorded a performance in front of Obama’s house, much to the amusement/delight of around a few hundred tourists & protestors 🙂

Singing us a little song, making dreams
Singing in front of The White House in Washington, ahead of our appearance on Fox News tomorrow at 1:45pm in the USA. Our rather unusual version of ‘busking’ drew a big crowd of very confused tourists. Wonder if President Obama heard us inside?

You've captured the Capital ♥


BLAKE giving of themselves … all to help children

Here is the video of us on Fox News USA earlier today, chatting about our charity work for children, the healing power of music (even for world leaders) and singing with a uke. Hope you enjoy it.
Just appeared on Fox News in the US, really great fun, we even brought our Uke on and had a little sing. Anyone tune in?
1977229_10151911112191533_259570011_n bandicam 2014-03-23 19-50-46-263bandicam 2014-03-23 19-52-13-819a
Screen grab from my appearance on Fox News USA during Blake’s recent concerts in Washington DC, big:)
Screen grab from my appearance on Fox News USA during Blake's recent concerts in Washington DC, big
Thanks to Angie for sending over this screen grab of me on Fox News USA, well timed! Really enjoyed being on this tv show, finished a fun trip to DC!

BLAKE (@TheBandBlake)

3/23/14, 2:55 PM

Dear @ShannonBream @FoxNews @FoxNewsSunday & @ANHQDC thank you so much for having us 3 (and our Uke!) on the show 🙂

bandicam 2014-04-03 21-12-15-704
Did you catch us on tv in the US last week? If not, here’s a little screen grab of we three, up to mischief on Fox News USA! We got out the Uke too! Watch it here:

Behind-the-scenes with BLAKE at Fox News
Fancy seeing what it’s like behind-the-scenes in a major tv studio? Well here’s a little video that our manager took whilst we were at Fox News last week, mixed in with the broadcast footage. Enjoy! — with Oliver Baines, Stephen Bowman, Humphrey Berney and Humphrey Blake in Washington, DC.

Sherrill Klaus So wonderful to see you on US TV  … but no matter how much time you’re on…it’s never enough !!!

Humphrey from Blake talks of his transatlantic mission


Wednesday, March 26, 2014
5:19 PM

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

They’ve been coming since 2010 and sold out every show! We can’t get enough of them, great guys 🙂

BLAKE - 2013 UK Tour has begun!



Be one of the very few to get tickets to the most intimate and unusual Blake show of 2013, live at the Hippodrome Casino Theatre in London, in true Las Vegas Style, with drinks served throughout the night. Tickets here:


Friday, June 21, 2013 at 7:30pm


Friday, June 28, 2013 at 7:30pm in UTC+01

Amazingly stunning photos of Blake organized by Team Cre8 Agency. Photos by photographer Jumiah Gayle and top hair/make-up artist Samantha Hosker at

“photographer Jumiah Gayle and top hair/makeup stylist Samantha Hosker – organised by the TeamCre8 Agency – at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London – for more information about TeamCre8 and their beautiful photos, please check their website here: and LIKE their Facebook page here: – Please do not remove or repost this photo without express permission from the photographer and TeamCre8 – thank you”

Photos taken at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London.






Team Cre8 | Making life easier www.teamcre8.comTeam Cre8 – Teaming together session hairstylists, makeup artists, models, dancers, photographers and more. For photoshoots, videos and events. We make your life easier by getting the best team together for your project.

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My Blake World touched-up.

The #BLAKE Blue Box
‪#‎Blake‬’s ‪#‎Music‬…/280-5303525-8894434…
Blake Blue Box

Get ‪#‎Nottinghill‬ via #Redbox  😉


Blake’s Music

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The Official Stephen Bowman Fan Site!/groups/436722849681877/

The Official Stephen Bowman Fan Club!/TheOfficialStephenBowmanFanSite

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You’ll discover what the guys enjoy doing in their off time:, awesome photos:, funtastic music 🙂 new single is So Happy Giving their time & sharing their talents: Thanks 🙂

Blake’s  Official Website


For Blake fans who would like to share their photos and memories…

My Blake Passion Cover July 20, 2013

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~~Natalie Coyle♥ So much fun singing with the boys and @StephenBowman beard lol. We definitely love #tour @TheBandBlakeImage


blondechick69  Great show @TheBandBlake @StephenBowman,Thanks for signing my programme x (@MalvernTheatres)




LIVE in concert May 30, 2013 Epsom

Tweets from Blake & Natalie whilst in Epsom tonight.
Thanks Natalie for beautiful photo♥

Epsom May 30,2013a


From Stephanie Drake _ tonight with @TheBandBlake and @CoyleNatalie ; first concert ever I’ve been reduced to tears! So brilliant however!

Stephanie Drake ‏@stephaniedrake_ tonight with @TheBandBlake and @CoyleNatalie ; first concert ever I've been reduced to tears! So brilliant however!


Emma Walker   @TheBandBlake @StephenBowman @humphreyberney  Super concert yet again by amazingly talented and gorgeous Blake x

@TheBandBlake @StephenBowman @humphreyberney Super concert yet again by amazingly talented and gorgeous Blake x


Caroline Flemin  My favorite pic Blyth June 1,2013

My favorite pic





Emmeline Fenn Blyth June 1,2013

Emmeline Fenn Blyth June 1, 2013


Victoria     Thanks for the pic guys – you all have amazing voices!

Victoria Thanks for the pic guys - you all have amazing voices! @OllieBaines @StephenBowman @humphreyberney June 3,2013


Mollie Scott    The gig last night 🙂  June 6, 2013  @TheBandBlake @stephenbowman

The gig last night June 6, 2013  @TheBandBlake @stephenbowman Mollie Scott @MollieScottSing


Blake at The Hippodrome Casino London June 20, 2013

Stephen: Technical, lighting and sound checks all done, stage and auditorium looking very lovely, ready for our audience! 🙂

Technical, lighting and sound checks all done, stage and auditorium looking very lovely, ready for our audience!

Photos form Nate James

The stage is set .. At the table with waiting 4 x


Love these boys!! x

Love these boys!! #talent #voices #blake @TheBandBlake @GabyRoslin x

Giving me EVERYTHING .. Stephen … Humphrey … Ollie ….

Giving me EVERYTHING .. Stephen ... Humphrey ... Ollie .... @TheBandBlake #PHENOMENAL #TALENT #GOOSEBUMPS


Republic Media @Republic_Media

Harmonies don’t get much hotter than this. are just stunning at Hippodrome London

Harmonies don't get much hotter than this. @TheBandBlake are just stunning at Hippodrome London Republic Media


Fisher Productions @FisherProd

One of fav bands performs

One of @FisherProd fav bands performs @TheBandBlake


Photos from Tom Morley @kingmorls

looking good boys!





from Sandra Sussex ♥ Here’s a little bit on the side

Here's a little bit on the side @StephenBowman SandraSussex


from Nicola Green ♥ Pic from last night’s show….

Pic from last night's @TheBandBlake show


from Emma ♥ Walker



the fab 3 in action last night at the hippodrome !! X

@StephenBowman @humphreyberney the fab 3 in action last night at the hippodrome !!

fabulous show at the hippodrome last night !! X

@StephenBowman @TheBandBlake fabulous show at the hippodrome last night !!


❦This is dedicated to a man who truly appreciates and loves his fans. He shares his personal life and his love of singing with us on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you will give him a Like and discover for yourself why we love and adore him; giving him our support.


I reckon I'm finally starting to get to grips with this beard thing, looks a little more beardy, less fuzzy; still not quite 100% Three Musketeers tho


Their singing is so beautiful your heart♥ will melt.
If something melts your heart, it affects you emotionally and you cannot control the feeling.

Blake melting hearts


My Blake Passion Cover July 20, 2013

I would like to create a place for all of us Blake fans…to share and express our Passion for Blake♥.
All Blake~All the Time~Martin & Natalie
Infinity thanks to Victoria for finding me, sharing her pages with me, introducing me to more Stephen and Blake♥ ….and for always being there to help & encourage me 🙂
Share the Passion ♥

Blake Passion on Facebook


Thanks to Abi Hodge for sharing her awesome photos of guys taken today, July 21, 2013




From Enid♥ Spectacular photos and awesome video of guys ♥♥♥


Sharing the Passion for websites follow your passion2

♥Share the Passion♥
A place for all Blake fans…to share and express our Passion for Blake♥
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It's Always Time for Coffee, Cake and ♥Blake♥♥

It’s Always Time for Coffee, Cake and ♥Blake♥♥
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Thanks to Enid for sharing her photos of Blake at Glow in Bluewater

20511_10201815552131178_107908746_n 954777_10201815554291232_1607609275_n 996909_10201815554811245_534469207_n 1000246_10200276440505779_746696903_n (2) 1001549_10201815553931223_2126773765_n 1002877_10201815554571239_79408647_n 1003508_10201815555211255_681071294_n 1011426_10201815554211230_1334148780_n 1098417_10201815553091202_1068933828_n 1098494_10201815555411260_1081580346_n 1149024_10201815553171204_824984995_n 1150296_10201815553451211_1676188080_n 1150820_10201815552011175_287398210_n o h


♥Blake is always caring and compassionate ♥

bandicam 2013-08-20 11-34-28-386


Every Year on your Birthday, you get a Chance to Start Over ♥

Stephen's HB August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday ♥Stephen♥


TOBFS Cover 1

New cover (by me) for The Official Blake Fansite


Stephen keeps in touch with us even whilst he’s camping Happy emoticon

Stephen keeping in touch August 25, 2013 The spectacular view from Lizards Point, the most southerly point in the UK, where palm trees grow  — at Lizard Point.2

My final photo of our bank holiday Cornwall adventure, the cliffs and sea of St.Agnes bay2


My first posting about Blakesmile


Sneaky Peak


Blake on Graham Rogers


Blake on BBC March 29,2013


Blake on BBC London May 18,2013 Let It Be


Blake ~So Happy~ BBCRadio2 May 26,2013


“So Happy” & Ollie Baines Chatting on Talk Radio Europe June 5, 2013


So Happy Clouds Creation

So Happy for guys ♥♥♥


Lovely photos from Sharon… Please do not share  them without asking permission.



 at The Stables MK!!!


bandicam 2013-09-02 12-28-04-317

Beautiful and emotional song from ♥ Blake ♥

Wild Mountain Thyme recorded by Enid Richards at The Stables on 31st August 2013
Thank you Enid



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SB the DJI just melt every time I hear this song, Black Cherry by Goldfrapp. I got into them around 2003 when I saw them live in London. For those of you that don’t know of this fabulous duo, take a trip around Youtube with them, so many beautiful songs. Their latest single ‘Drew’ is out now, not so electronica, but equally stunning. SB
In a musical marathon mood tonight, just stumbled upon this brilliant three way assault on the nostalgia bone by Queen, Annie Lennox and David Bowie, singing Under Pressure to the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at Wembley! Wish I had been there that night, goosebumps!
I’ve always had a soft spot for Annie Lennox as a musician, classically trained, highly intelligent and very involving. It could easily be argued that this is one of her squidgier songs, but I’m still a fan. Something tells me I’m indulging a little too much in an early 90’s nostalgia fest tonight, but it feels good, so I’m going with it 🙂

Perfect DayEveryday is a perfect day with ♥Blake♥

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~bandicam 2013-09-06 10-09-52-242Something special for all our Filipino friends and fans around the world! BLAKE miss Manila very very much and we know that many of you do too, so, here is a song (sung by us in Tagalog) just for you! This was recorded live in front of 65,000 Filipinos at Barrio Fiesta 2013! If you like it, please SHARE and post it on your Facebook or Twitter. We really miss Manila every time we’re away but hopefully we’ll be back soon! Thank you for all your amazing support over the years!

I am SO HAPPY and proud of you ♥♥♥
I’ve never seen anything quite like this… In the last 3 hours since I uploaded it, the video of us 3 singing ‘Manila’ in Tagalog at Barrio Fiesta, has been viewed over 6000 times, been shared 1500 times and liked by the same number, those numbers are astonishing. Hundreds of comments from people saying they loved it too. Never felt so humbled in my life! Thank you to everyone who has shared the video! Feeling very blessed:)

spinning-record So Happy


Ollie Barioguys BarioMark Spooner ‏@spoonerstudios Blake after performing a set at the Barrio Fiesta sa London 2013 in Apps Court Farm, Surrey 20130720

3.3 MILLION people have seen Blake’s “Manila” video on Facebook, 65,000 people SHARED it! 
Share with your friends 🙂
♥It’s beautiful♥♥


From tonight’s performance at the Hippodrome Casino in London

Sept 12, 2013 Thank you!!!

Republic Media (@Republic_Media)Watching @TheBandBlake doing their thang at @HippodromeLDN

Watching @TheBandBlake doing their thang at @HippodromeLDN Republic Media

Christian Guiltenane (@ChristyG_Journo)Loving my boys from @TheBandBlake

Loving my boys from @TheBandBlake Christian Guiltenane

Christian Guiltenane (@ChristyG_Journo)Amazing version of u raise me up @TheBandBlake and @CamillaKerslake raising dosh for breast cancer awareness

Amazing version of u raise me up @TheBandBlake and @CamillaKerslake raising dosh for breast cancer awareness

Nancy Brown (@MissN_Brown)Bloody love these boys @TheBandBlake

Bloody love these boys @TheBandBlake

Nancy Brown (@MissN_Brown)@TheBandBlake you made me sob! There’s no way I can go to the @pinkribbonfound ball unless I’m sponsored by Kleenex

@TheBandBlake you made me sob! There's no way I can go to the @pinkribbonfound ball unless I'm sponsored by Kleenex

Camilla Kerslake (@CamillaKerslake)You raise me up! “ @TheBandBlake @BCCampaign lovely evening guys.


One third of the magnificent breast cancer survivors choir and I in our dressing room before curtain up this evening (my mummy is hiding at the back!) x
Blake and I warming up the crowd before our ladies took the stage!
Blake and I warming up the crowd before our ladies took the stage!
Tweets from Camilla & Jim Crozier
The Cancer Survivors Choir
Jim Crozier3
Jim Crozier8
Jim Crozier
Jim Crozier9
🙂 “@JCrozier70: @TheBandBlake @CamillaKerslake With the Cancer Survivors Choir
JCrozier70 TheBandBlake CamillaKerslake With the Cancer Survivors Choir
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ certainly knows my taste in music even though I ordered all of them months ago from Amazon😊 recommends

British group Blake sings ‘Manila’ to over 60,000 Filipinos in London

lLONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 14: (L to R) Stephen Bowman, Ollie Baines and Humphrey Berney of Blake attend the European premiere of 'We're The Millers' at the Odeon West End on August 14, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom/Getty Images – LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: (L to R) Stephen Bowman, Ollie Baines and Humphrey Berney of Blake attend the European premiere of ‘We’re The Millers’ at the Odeon West End on August 14, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Can you imagine the Hotdogs classic “Manila” sung by gorgeous European men with thick British accent?

Blimey, it’s absolutely fantastic!

The music trio Blake sang the ode to the Philippine capital at the gathering of some 65,000 Filipinos working and living in London recently.

While most local singers in the Philippines do cover songs of foreign acts, the English pop-classical quartet is doing the opposite.

“Blake found it a great challenge to sing in Tagalog, but the reaction from the 65,000 Filipinos at Barrio Fiesta and now on the internet too, was certainly worth it,” Blake’s website stated.


True enough their performance has been making the rounds on social media, with Filipinos in and outside the country raving to hear familiar words from non-Filipino singers. Its Facebook video, for instance, has since been shared 44,000 times and liked by 30,000 more.“Loved it! Well sung! Shared it to my Filipino family and friends living overseas. There are over 8 million Filipino overseas Overseas Workers. Am sure hearing the song brought them momentarily back home,” user Rachel Sergeant commented.Lovin’ the PhilippinesComposed of Oliver Baines, Humphrey Berney and Stephen Bowman, Blake is a group of former schoolmates who formed the group a couple of months after finding one another on Facebook.The reunion gave birth to their self-titled debut album released in 2007. They’ve had three albums since: And So It Goes (2008), Together (2009) and Together: Special Edition (2010).Meanwhile, it seems the group is really charmed by the Philippines as they’ve been to the country twice last year—first in March (2012) and second in November (2012) for a series of performances for a local mall.
Blake~~~So Happy
June 9th
From the album ‘Start Over’

“ A trio of unsurpassed musical brilliance” – Sir Terry Wogan

‘So Happy’ is the second single to be taken from Blake’s new album ‘Start Over’. Mixed by Ash Howes, who has previously worked with One Direction, The Saturdays, and Texas, ‘So Happy’ is an upbeat summer tune about the positives of a break up and how it can be for the best for both parties involved. With the lively horns (recorded in New York with Michael Bublé’s brass section) and driving percussion line, ‘So Happy’ sees Blake embracing the challenge of evolving from classical music to pop with the single representing the sound of their fourth album.

Known for their stunning harmonies, ‘So Happy’ once again displays Blake’s – Stephen Bowman, Humphrey Berney, Ollie Baines and former band member Jules Knight – vocal ability. Earlier this year founding member Jules departed the group to return to his acting roots, he can be seen on screens from May in Holby City, and ‘So Happy’ is one of the last tracks to feature Blake as a quartet with the album title now being even more fitting than before.

Ollie, Humphrey and Stephen have entered an exciting new era in 2013 touring and performing as a trio with their ‘Live In Concert’ tour. With shows across the whole of the UK throughout the year audiences can expect an evening of great music and entertainment from Blake whose harmonies and rat-pack banter have been entertaining audiences around the world.

“The year so far has been incredible for Blake with the release of ‘Start Over’ and making the transition from classical to pop. The fans worldwide have embraced our new sound and it’s been fantastic. We’re really excited for what lies ahead for the rest of 2013 and can’t wait to continue introducing our new music as a trio to our fans both in Britain and overseas.”

Since forming in 2007, recording and performing as a classical group, the BRIT Award winners have performed over 600 shows in the UK and abroad including performances at the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley and Twickenham. The change in musical direction for ‘Start Over’ is a natural progression for Blake. Inspired by great vocalists such as the Bee Gees, Boyz II Men and The Beach Boys, and having toured almost continually since 2009’s ‘Together’ (their third album), Blake’s live set list has expanded to include more and more contemporary material.

Blake were recently invited in to Radio 2 to do a session for Terry Wogan’s ‘Weekend Wogan Show’ where they performed two songs from ‘Start Over’. The group also performed at the Soldiering On Awards and for Sir Ian McKellan at an event at the Ivy Club in aid of the Albert Kennedy trust.

As well as touring in the UK, the band’s status worldwide continues to grow. In 2012 the band took their music to China for the first time as well as returning to the Phillipines for tours in April and December and to America for various high profile shows. Spring 2013 saw the band make their debut in Indonesia with two shows in Jakarta.

For more information contact /

Maraming beses na kitang nilayasan 
Iniwanan at ibang pinuntahan 
Parang babaeng mahirap talagang malimutan 
Ikaw lamang ang aking laging binabalikan
Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila 
Ain’t no place like Manila 
Manila I’m coming home
I walked the streets of San Francisco 
I’ve tried the ride in Disney Land 
Dated a million girls in Sydney 
Somehow I feel like I don’t belong
Hinahanap-hanap kita, Manila 
Ang ingay mong kay sarap sa tenga 
Mga jeepney mong nagliliparan 
Mga babae mong naggagandahan Take me back in your arms Manila And promise me you’ll never let go 
Promise me you’ll never let go 
Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila 
Simply no place like Manila 
Manila I’m coming home (Repeat Chorus)Manila, Manila, miss you like hell Manila 
No place in the world like Manila 
I’m coming home to stay (Music & Lyrics: Dennis Garcia, Rene Garcia)
Mabuhay to our fans from the Philippines, we’re working hard in the studio today on an album JUST FOR YOU… to hear what we’re doing, get onto Twitter and follow these accounts: @TheBandBlake @StephenBowman @HumphreyBerney and @OllieBaines – follow them all and you’ll hear some secret samples!
Thanks Andrew for my first (Internet) Blake Concert
Thanks Andrew for my first (Internet) concert ♥♥♥
bandicam 2013-10-05 12-28-41-469bandicam 2013-10-05 12-28-44-105bandicam 2013-10-05 12-28-47-055

❦Blake Passion♪♫ ‏@BlakePassion
Must see videos!!! @TheBandBlake Live Concert Highlights❤  & @martrileymusic best school film ever

bandicam 2013-10-01 09-42-23-004bandicam 2013-10-01 09-41-14-809

~~~Thank you Rachel 🙂 King’s Lynn Corn Exchange with Blake Oct. 4th, 2013~~~




Camilla Kerslake & Blake at Royal Albert Hall.  Thanks to Linda Wellington for photos!!!

With Camilla Kerslake & Blake at Royal Albert Hall. Linda WellingtonWith Stephen Bowman, Camilla Kerslake & Blake and Humphrey Blake at Royal Albert Hall. Linda Wellington


Fantastic photos  from Annabelle ♥ at the Lynn Corn Exchange October 4,2013

posterall @StephenBowman at @klcornexchange last week  Me and the lovely @StephenBowman after @TheBandBlake's concert at @klcornexchange all2 Ollie auto


bandicam 2013-10-14 12-45-52-831 bandicam 2013-10-14 12-46-13-946 bandicam 2013-10-14 12-46-55-058

If you do ONE kind thing today, let it be to click SHARE below this video, to support 20 incredible women battling breast cancer… they joined Blake & Camilla Kerslake to record “You Raise Me Up” as a single with 100% of profits going to Breast Cancer Campaign – Please, it will take a second of your time, click on SHARE now…

Catch BLAKE singing live on ITV’s “This Morning” show at 12:15pm tomorrow(Oct 15th), performing “You Raise Me Up” with our guest star Camilla Kerslake & the ‘Sing to Beat Breast Cancer’ choir 🙂


My iTunes review for @CamillaKerslake & @TheBandBlake *You Raise Me Up* for @BCCampaign song.

bandicam 2013-10-16 00-31-01-621


Stephen: not just an amazing singer…he is also sexy and can model 😉
bandicam 2013-10-17 14-36-32-656
Lovely posters made by Rachel for Blake and Blake Fan Facebook Groups ♥
made for me from Rachel SB Poster from Rachel for Victoria bp sb
From having fun backstage, to enjoying ourselves on the stage, touring is by far the most gratifying part of what I do; 2 parts music, 1 part comedy & 1 part audience interaction. No two shows are ever the sameStephen♥ From having fun backstage, to enjoying ourselves on the stage, touring is by far the most gratifying part of what I do; 2 parts music, 1 part comedy & 1 part audience interaction. No two shows are ever the same! — with Oliver Baines and Humphrey Berney.

SK: Adorable, Amazing and Funny~~~ all in perfect Harmony ♥      … and we love you for this ♥♥♥


Cloud Curtains

You Raise Me Up
Concert Highlights
With or Without You
No Way To Know


Stephen ♥ Ever seen the Thames at really low tide? Standing on the ‘beaches’ of Chiswick on a stunning day like this, you forget you’re in London.

He captured it beautifully 🙂

Ever seen the Thames at really low tide Standing on the 'beaches' of Chiswick on a stunning day like this, you forget you're in London.


@TheBandBlake @royalhippodrome I couldn't help myself, he is stunning.A remarkable, extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, tremendous, jaw-dropping ♥photo from Twitter; “Keith King @diabeticguy 
@TheBandBlake @royalhippodrome I couldn’t help myself, he is stunning”   Oct, 26, 2013


It's not that I'm ignoring you...I just REALLY like this song.

What song always has your full attention when it comes on?
 ♥Chasing Cars♥ by BLAKE 


you are what you listen to...breakfast-lunch-and-dinner I am ♥Blake♥♥ Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie.


I am now the very proud & #SoHappy owner of my own personally signed #BLAKE… just for me from my friend Cynthia

My Blake autographs♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺

Spot on Tweet News from Paul @myfizzypop 
Review of gorgeous, rousing new single by @thebandblake (penned by @AlistairGriffin for @supporthewalk)  #ToTheSun

Blake *To The Sun*

It’s that time of year when the nights get a little darker, the shop windows get a little brighter, the Starbucks cup get a little redder and it feels like the charts should have a big ol’ booming inspirational ballad tickling at the top ten. This year that could well come in the form of the stunning new Blake song, To The Sun (to raise funds and awareness for charity Walking With The Wounded). Penned by the talented singer songwriter Alistair Griffin (whose Bring It On & Albion Sky albums remain a triumph in their own special ways), it’s an uplifting piano based ballad that is enriched by a military-esque drum beat & a clever production that allows the song to ebb & flow, be hushed & crescendo at just the right moments for maximum emotional impact. Rousing lyrics beautifully reflect the ethos of the very charity they are raising money for – overcoming adversity to achieve one’s goals, bought vividly into focus by the resonant, emotive individual and collective harmonised voices of the three Blake chaps themselves. There is no doubt that these guys are three of the finest vocal harmonisers the UK has right now & the expressive nature of their voices always finds the quiet nuance of the lyrics that sometimes gets lost in lesser hands. While the verses definitely have a sense of stately grace about them, it’s the unforgettable chorus that sends this song soaring, leaving you with a feeling of dignified hope & community that will hopefully last you well into the New Year… (Released on Nov 14th)

Walking With The Wounded was founded in 2010 to address the problems faced by many wounded service personnel when trying to enter the civilian workplace. The number of men and women who have left the Armed Forces with physical and mental injuries is tragically high and these injuries often have a direct impact on their ability to obtain and sustain employment. Walking With The Wounded raises money to fund programmes and courses which equip those leaving the Armed Forces with qualifications and skills required to find long-term employment.


🙂 Blake♥ Always a pleasure to meet Prince Harry, such a charming and down to earth guy. He wished us well with our new song ‘To The Sun’ for his Walking With The Wounded charity and thanked us for all the support we had given. Just happy to do our bit! 🙂

Stephen ♥ Chatting and laughing with Prince Harry last week, just before singing our new song ‘To The Sun’ in Trafalgar Square. Very friendly guy, likeable and down to earth. Right about now he’ll be standing on the edge of the Antarctic, contemplating his 200 mile walk to the South Pole. Good luck sir!
Follow three incredible teams on their 200 mile trek to the South Pole for @supportthewalk here’s a song to motivate!
Take a minute or two to learn about the great work of @supportthewalk as they re-train & re-educate injured soldiers

Fantastic video Andrew ♥ Thanks!!! HRH Prince Harry of Wales is introduced to Blake (Ollie Baines, Humphrey Berney and Stephen Bowman) as the singers of “To The Sun” (written by Alistair Griffin) , the anthem for Walking with the Wounded Charity at the launch of the South Pole 2013 Challenge on Thursday 14th November in Trafalgar Square, London.

bandicam 2013-11-18 12-37-20-083

This Christmas give the gifts that Give♥♥♥  Blake’s  To The Sun … & Walking With The Wounded Wall Calendar @supportthewalk …


Maco People TrinidadAnother fun photo taken by Gary Jordan during our recent tour to Trinidad and Tobago, featured as part of our article in MACO Magazine, available throughout the Caribbean this month.

Thanks to top photographer Gary Jordan who took these shots of guys whilst they were in Trinidad & Tobago earlier this year, as seen in MACO Magazine, out now throughout the Caribbean, enjoy!


bandicam 2013-11-21 12-51-16-594

A thank you to Attitude Magazine for kindly posting our ‘To The Sun’ music video for Walking With The Wounded to their 65,000 followers on Facebook! Cheers guys!

Download link 🙂


bandicam 2013-11-23 00-02-56-186

Happy Birthday Ollie ♥ …


2013  Thankful Tree Final

Be Thankful in All Things ♥Blake♥♥ singing Walking With The Wounded, @HONOUROURFORCES and us

Perrfect Christmas Gift

Perfect Christmas Gift…♪ ♡ ♬ to the sun ☼
Beautiful music for listening…BLAKE
Awesome video for watching…
Profits for helping charity…Walking With The Wounded



TweetPic ❤ Thanks to Liz Jarvis ‏@LizJarvisUK 21h
Ah not every day you get to hear the fabulous @thebandblake perform live @princestrust @cunardline


Listen to guys on BBC Radio  with Gaby Roslin  Nov 30, 2013 

TweetPic from Gaby Roslin (@GabyRoslin)
11/30/13, 9:12 AM
Thank you all so much @TheBandBlake @lousedearman @ewanlacey @barneyashworth what a musical extravaganza xx
To all who’ve just asked, yes you can listen again at enjoy! XGaby's Thank you all so much @thebandblake @lousedearman @ewanlacey @barneyashworth what a musical extravaganza xx

At BBC LONDON studios with friends from today’s LIVE radio show with Gaby Roslin, hilarious, fun and silly as always. Gaby has now renamed us ‘Gaby’s Blake Band’ – she’s kind of protective like that 🙂

 Enjoyed a fun afternoon radio show with Gaby Roslin and all the team at BBC London Radio – Listen Again here: — with Humphrey Blake, Gaby Roslin and Oliver Baines.



My article on @TheBandBlake written for @fairsharemusic: Singing In Harmony…

Blake ♥♥♥

Harmony group, Blake, formed in 2007 and their self-titled debut album entered the UK Classical Album Chart at number one. It was also a Top 20 hit in the pop charts. Their music reached an even wider audience when their version of ‘Swing Low‘ was selected as the official anthem for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. In 2008, Blake were presented with a BRIT Award for Album of the Year. Since then, three more albums have been released –And So It Goes (2008), Together (2009) and Start Over (2013). The first three albums are a divine blend of classical and pop songs whilst Start Over is more of a pop tinged album. However, whether Blake sing original material or covers of classic tunes, everything is performed in their own inimitable style with glorious, soaring harmonies – the ultimate feel-good music!

Blake on London Tonight

There have been a couple of band line up changes but Blake are currently a trio consisting of Ollie Baines, Humphrey Berney and Stephen Bowman. Blake do as much as they can to support a variety of charities. They’ve performed twice for the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Festival of Remembrance. Their thought-provoking song ‘Beautiful Earth’ was chosen by WWF to be the Earth Hour Anthem in 2010. To support this campaign, the band turned off London’s lights from Trafalgar Square. Last month a gorgeous version of ‘You Raise Me Up‘ was released in aid of charity – a collaboration with soprano Camilla Kerslake and the inspirational Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir. Stephen, Ollie and Humphrey also recently released another charity single entitled ‘To the Sun‘ and 50p from every copy sold will be donated to Walking With the Wounded (on top of the 50% profit fairsharemusic already donate, of course!)

Blake-Beautiful Earth

In October, I had the pleasure of seeing Blake live in concert at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange. The venue was packed with people of all ages and we were treated to a wonderful selection of songs, interspersed with a plethora of funny stories. Particular highlights for me included performances of ‘She’, ‘Chasing Cars’, ‘With or Without You’ and ‘Moon River’. The band’s rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’ moved me to tears and several people stood up and applauded loudly after ‘Nessun Dorma’. Camilla Kerslake ably supported Blake and a local school choir even appeared on stage. In my opinion, it was the best concert I’ve ever been to! If you haven’t yet experienced Blake’s music, do yourself a favour and download some of it!

A few highlights from Blake’s “Live In Concert” UK Tour

Guest Blogger: Annabelle Tipper
Twitter: @moongirl01

…and let’s not forget the important things 😛
TweetPic from StephenSometimes a photo defies explanation, this one with @OllieBaines falls into that category 🙂  Thanks to @OKMagazin
TweetPic from Stephen Sometimes a photo defies explanation, this one with @OllieBaines falls into that category  Thanks to @OKMagazin

Rehearsals this afternoon ahead of our shows in Manila, got to polish up our Tagalog! Then afterwards, the Blake Xmas dinner at



The huge Cunard ship, Queen Victoria, on which we'll be singing tomorrow for Prince Charles's charity 'The Prince's Trust'
On 29 November over 100 guests, including celebrities like classical pop trio Blake, who performed on the day, celebrated the milestone on board Queen Victoria.

Cunard Line has raised £1 million for The Prince’s Trust in less than six years.

On 29 November over 100 guests, including celebrities like classical pop trio Blake, who performed on the day, celebrated the milestone on board Queen Victoria.

HRH The Princes of Wales, President of The Prince’s Trust, congratulated the cruise line at the celebrations with a video message.

The Prince’s Trust ambassadors attending the event (pictured above) included actor Robert Powell and his wife, former Pan’s People dancer Babs Powell, BBC journalist Jon Sopel, singer Joan Armatrading, young ambassador Nathaniel Hawley, Master of Queen Victoria Captain Inger, Klein Thorhauge, Martina Milburn CEO of The Prince’s Trust and David Dingle CEO of Cunard Line.

Angus Struthers, Cunard’s Marketing Director, said:

“For the last six years, we have been delighted to have worked with The Prince’s Trust and raising our first £1 million to support the outstanding work of The Prince’s Trust is something that everyone at Cunard can be rightly proud of.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the charity for many years to come.”

Fundraising activities on Cunard’s three ships have included the auctioning of the nautical map at the end of each voyage and generous guest donations.

Cunard cruises have also been auctioned at high-profile Prince’s Trust events and there have been dedicated Prince’s Trust voyages.

The annual “Week for the Trust” saw a big fundraising drive in the cruise line’s Southampton offices and there have been sponsored “Palace to Palace” bike rides.

The Prince’s Trust gives young people practical and financial support, developing key workplace skills, confidence and motivation, working specifically with 14 to 30 year olds who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law.

Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust, said:

“With youth unemployment still affecting hundreds of thousands of young people in the UK, it has never been more important to support those who are furthest from finding work.

“I would like to thank Cunard for their commitment and enthusiasm which has helped us to get many young lives back on track.”

Cunard and Carnival UK have also supported The Prince’s Trust with work placements and HR support.

Last December four departments at the Cunard offices gave young people aged 16-23 the chance to develop hands-on skills in a customer service environment as part of the Trust’s ‘Get into … Customer Service’ work experience project.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied by HRH The Prince of Wales, named Queen Victoria in December 2007, marking the ship’s association with The Prince’s Trust.



Avoid the crowds…shop online at … & Blake’s To The Sun ☼ … all for Walking With The Wounded


Grrr 😛 if I like…

BLAKE 🙂  Coming out next week, our four page spread in Attitude Magazine, released in the UK and worldwide. Humphrey & Stephen remembered to bring their motorbikes, but Ollie forgot his, so he got the Space Hopper… kind of suits him! Be sure to share this if you like it


TweetPic 😉 Christian Guiltenane (@ChristyG_Journo)
12/6/13, 4:09 AM
Well I never – if isn’t my fave @TheBandBlake boys – @AttitudeMag. Download available now, in shops next week xx

BaynpU4IAAA7Tik.jpg large3

Stephen ♥  Available in newsagents next week, our exclusive spread in Attitude Magazine! As I hit 33 this year, it seemed a good motivator to get fighting fit and increase my confidence too. Big thanks to Sigita Rackyte Jasutis] at VirginActive Chiswick for training me up! Pizza time? — with Sigita Rackyte Jasutis.


Blake Passion Attitude Magazine Issue with Ashley Taylor Dawson @ashoztd on the cover and Blake @thebandblake uncovered  Get it here!!!Digital download order copy here


Blake !!! Our SEVEN page spread in Maco People Magazine, available throughout the Caribbean. We had A LOT of fun with this one! Give it a share 🙂
Thanks Gary Jordan for capturing funtastic photos of guys 😉

Maco1 Maco2 maco3 maco4


Mabuhay Philippines! It was wonderful to be featured in the Philippine Star newspaper this Sunday, with advanced coverage of our concerts around Manila & in Cagayan De Oro next week! We will arrive in Manila in just FOUR DAYS… find us and say hello! 🙂
bandicam 2013-12-10 19-40-46-564        Phillipine Star newspaper Dec 9, 2013
Thanks to Meg Loo for this photo 🙂


t0324angela-blake_feat3 guys

A little reminiscing prior to guys returning to the Philippines this Thursday🙂
A Super date with Blake
By Angela V. Ignacio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Is it hot in here, or is it just them?
Sitting a mere centimeters away from British pop-opera harmony group Blake, one can’t help but think that even the most hard-bitten female journalist would have a really hard time staying immune to male charm. Especially when she becomes the lone subject of this handsome thirtysomething quartet’s attention for a good fifteen minutes.
Having captured Pinoy hearts during their Ayala Malls tour last October, Blake came back to serenade Manila as part of their Philippine promotional tour for their third album “Together.” They performed at the Greenbelt 5 Gallery on March 22 and at the Trinoma Mall Activity Center on March 23.
Remarkable beginnings
Ollie Baines. 
In 2007, bass-baritone Stephen Bowman, baritone Jules Knight, and tenor Ollie Baines contacted each other via Facebook, and the group’s name was born out of mutual deep admiration for poet-visionary William Blake. After a worldwide web search, tenor Humphrey Berney was chosen to replace member Dominic Tighe when the latter left the band to pursue acting.
Shortly after its inception, the band nabbed a major record deal and released its charttopping eponymous debut album, which earned the boys their first BRIT Award for “Album of the Year” — their greatest achievement to date, according to Bowman. Their succeeding two albums, 2008’s “And So It Goes” and 2009’s “Together,” have also enjoyed immense success.
The lads are no strangers to grand-scale audiences, having performed at a number of historic sporting events such as the 2007 Rugby World Cup (for which their version of the African-American spiritual song “Swing Low” had been the official anthem). They’ll be adding one more decoration on their mantle right after their Manila trip: “We’re just about to sing at the Olympics in the UK. We think that’s going to be our moment of glory; we’re the first musical group ever to perform on the Olympic Stadium,” Baines told Super recently in an exclusive one-on-one (or one-on-four) interview at the Mandarin Oriental’s Fontaine Room. According to the band’s official website, Blake will share the stage with Amy Winehouse’s protégé/goddaughter, rising soul star Dionne Bromfield, for the charity event.
Harmony group
Stephen Bowman. 
Blake might remind one of other classical pop quartets, but the band begs to differ. “I think we may have started off reasonably similar to a group like Il Divo, maybe halfway between Il Divo and G4 (“The X-Factor” season 1 runner-up group who’d disbanded). But after five years, I think now we realize that we’re actually very different from those groups,” explained Bowman. “We’re a harmony group; regardless of what type of material we sing, and even to a certain extent, what kind of voices we use, it’s always about the harmony. I think a group like Il Divo is much more about operatic voices applied to pop music, whereas for us, it’s harmony voices, whatever the kind of music.”
Boasting of rich, classically trained vocals laced with sweet pop sensibilities, Blake’s repertoire offers a unique crossover experience for music fans, regardless of genre preferences. The musical charisma is even more evident when heard live. “Our live shows are more than just music. We’re trying to always talk to our audience a lot, we try to be funny as much as we can, and we try to give them as many styles of music as they can cope with. We find that people have very wide tastes and they love that,” said Berney.
Its novel spin on standards like Henry Mancini’s “Moon River” and popular ditties by Snow Patrol, Boyz II Men and Elvis Costello has earned the band a strong, steady following all over the world. “Together” contains a beautiful selection of covers and originals; noteworthy tracks include the wedding song “All Of Me” and a rendition of U2’s “With Or Without You,” whose recently released video had been made as a gesture of gratitude for their Filipino fans’ support.
Royal wedding song
Contrary to popular belief, “All Of Me” wasn’t written for the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, who had been classmates with Knight and Baines back at university; rather, it was released to commemorate the royal couple’s union. “It was written about a couple of years before,” Bowman clarified. “The songwriter (notable British composer Simon May) intended it to be [for] his daughter’s wedding, but… I don’t think she’s married yet, so it got an early outing for the royal wedding.”
Jules Knight.
A fourth album is currently in the works. Berney gave a teaser: “It’s a different album from ‘Together,’ which we wrote with the American market in mind. It’s all original; we’ve worked with Michael Buble’s band [and] Diane Warren. It’s very much an evolution. This is our first original offering, so I think it’s very exciting.”
“We’ve released the first song from the album in the US, which has been very popular. So hopefully you guys will get to hear that later this year,” added Bowman. In the future, the band also hopes to do collaborations with local artists such as Lea Salonga, of whom the guys are huge fans.
The boys have quite a busy schedule to juggle during their twelve-day stay in Manila. In between press and media promotions for their music, they’ll be doing photo shoots for Bench as its newest endorsers as well as for Philippine Tatler (the editor of which is Inquirer’s Anton San Diego, who also happens to be Blake’s manager). “We’re even happier to be back here after six months than you guys are to see us back, I think,” said Bowman with a smile. “Nowhere have we ever been in the world before where we’ve felt so at home, reaching this place. More than anything else, we’re looked after by every single person we meet; everybody’s friendly and warm and caring. It’s very special.”
Mates, dates and some Pinoy lovin’
Blake’s members started out as choristers with illustrious academic backgrounds in classical music, but each had his own career prior to joining the group. “I used to run my own marketing company in the UK, Humphrey was singing in opera, Ollie was also training in opera but he was an English teacher as well, and Jules was an actor,” Bowman shared.
Humphrey Berney. 
Knight revealed an interesting second profession: “We’re also in a professional polo team. The first [singing polo team] in the world,” he chuckled. Yes, they’re serious. “We’ve started training, and we have our first competitive match this July the 14th in England,” said Berney. “We’ve actually checked out the polo club here, so maybe the next time we come back, we can be invited to play some polo. That’d we great for us.”
Other trivia: Bowman is into sports and motorbiking, Baines loves to read, Berney is trained in martial arts (“He can kill a man with the back of his ear,” Bowman quipped), and Knight is a bit of a ladies’ man. They’re also all active on Twitter and Facebook. But above all, they’re very family-oriented; in fact, for all you unattached ladies out there, the band makes a declaration: they’re single and ready to mingle.
“We had a conversation about it today; we have been around the world, and I think Filipino women are definitely amongst the most beautiful,” commented Knight, who is currently linked to local sweetheart KC Concepcion. “We’re at the place where we might be looking for a wife,” Berney mused. “And I’m hoping for a nice Filipina wife. If anybody’s looking for a nice Englishman for a husband, I’m here,” added Bowman with a rakish grin.
Lip service? Maybe. But, heck, it worked anyway. Better look up the Tagalog word “kilig,” boys, because after today, you’re going to hear—and see—a lot of it from smitten Filipinas everywhere.
“Blake Live in Manila 2012” is sponsored by Ayala Malls, Universal Records and Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Read more;
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BRIT-Award winners Blake have recorded their first ‘Asia-only’ album, including two duets with stars from the Philippines. The album, available on iTunes now, features 3 tracks sung by Blake in the Filipino language of Tagalog, establishing a world first for a British group….

The album is available to download from iTunes right here:

Blake will be spending two weeks in Manila this December, performing their new Tagalog songs live in concerts in and around the capital, plus a special trip to Cagayan de Oro, mixed in with appearances on the biggest tv shows in the Philippines. This marks their fifth trip to the Philippines in just three years, showing quite how much the trio love the country and enjoy performing there. The album is out December 14th.

The boys gave their personal thanks to those that helped them with the album, along with a little insight into what it was like to record the songs in a new language.

Humphrey: Recording some of the most loved songs in the Philippines, in Tagalog, has been both a great experience and challenge for Blake. Singing romantic songs in a language from a very romantic nation is a wonderful combination. We hope our versions and performances have done them justice. It certainly makes me feel closer to the Filipino culture and people that we’ve come to know so well over the last three years. The lyrics are all deeply emotional which we naturally connect with as performers. We look forward to singing these live in the Philippines and seeing you very soon. Salamat.

Stephen: It’s hard to believe that only 3 years ago we boys were contemplating our first ever trip to the Philippines. By the kind invitation of the Ayala group and the Zobel famly, organised by our enduring manager Anton, we were shown the beauty, the kindness and the musical richness of the Philippines. We have have been in love with Filipino culture ever since. Whether performing concerts in Manila, or singing for 70,000 Filipinos at Barrio Fiesta in London, we always feel the pride of the Pinoys in their fine culture. It’s our honour to be a small part of this with this album. Where ever we are in the world, the Philippines is always close to our hearts. Salamat.

Ollie: Every time we return to the Philippines, we continue to be touched by the warmth and kindness everyone shows us. As three singers, we spend our lives travelling the world, singing love songs, hoping they touch people. The passion for love songs in the Philippines is legendary, which is why we felt it was time for Blake to attempt our first OPM album, showing our respect for songs which have delighted generations of Filipinos around the world. As we recorded these songs, the terrible news of Typhoon Haiyan reached us, saddening us greatly. We dedicate this album to all those affected, praying that it may bring a little happiness and hope. Blake will always be there for the Philippines. Salamat.

Check out Blake Official Website for more exciting news, photos, videos …

1486873_10152163895700466_1720717021_n 575436_10152163871930466_1201486457_n BLAKEToday !!! The wait is over Filipino friends, BLAKE’s first ever Tagalog album is being released!!! Want to be the FIRST to get a copy?? You can pre-order and download from iTunes here:
Cover Artwork from our new Tagalog album for our Filipino friends🙂
Be sure to share with your friends! Salamat!


My review of OPM CD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

My review on iTunes Dec,11,2013

I am Blake Passion !!!
Twitter @BlakePassion
Facebook Page
Facebook Group


558969_10151730701446533_1626341823_nBbJK-eNIEAEcY5NSounds of ♥Angels♥♥  Currently in The Royal Military Chapel, rehearsing ahead of our performance at her Majesty’s Household Cavalry Christmas service tonight – magnificent location – singing a special new arrangement of ‘Sounds of Silence’ too!


We landed in Manila at 5pm, had to get to our first concert which started at 6:30pm! Two police motorcycle escorts, some rehearsals in the van and a prayer got us to the show! Did we see you there? Say hello!  Snippet of fun video 🙂

Downloaded andLOVED♥♥
BLAKE~~~We’re leaving…. on a jet plane…. headed for Manila, can’t wait to see all our wonderful Filipino friends so soon! We’ve got lots of special new songs for you, if you’d like to hear some previews, here they are:– if you like them, why not download the songs? 🙂

Blake lands soon in Manila…they’ll be singing in Tagalog, at Ayala Greenbelt 5 at 6:30pm!!! If you’re there  please share some photos ♥♥♥

601204_10201863645827166_1917784117_n 1501818_10201863646467182_766105113_nPerforming at Greenbelt 5, Manila Thank you Anton San Diego for photos !!!

Big thanks to all those who dropped by and sang along with Blake:) #blake#ayalamallschristmas#findingjoy

BbXNu0wCYAAcmPj Greenbelt Tweet


Thank you Lorenzo Miguel (@RealGirbaud) for letting me share your awesome photo!!!!
Thank you @greenbelttweets and @TheBandBlake for an amazing night! #KailanganKita #WhiteChristmas
Please do not share his photo without asking.

Lorenzo Miguel ‏@RealGirbaud Thank you @greenbelttweets and @TheBandBlake for an amazing night! #KailanganKita #WhiteChristmas


Thanks guys !!!

Some photos from last nights show at Ayala Greenbelt 5. We have 5 more shows at Ayala venues to come, track us down and come say hello! Our new OPM Album is in all record stores now too, so we can sign a special copy just for you! 🙂
Forgot to upload this, breakfast yesterday on our Philippines Airlines flight from London to Manila, absolutely delicious, great airline!

Forgot to upload this, breakfast yesterday on our Philippines Airlines flight from London to Manila, absolutely delicious, great airline! 946087_10152172460560466_308464578_n 1457687_10152172460275466_1357510706_n 1479024_10152172460380466_815757205_n 1506434_10152172460470466_1660512277_nAnother photo from our big concert last night in @greenbelttweets - FIVE more Ayala shows coming up! Ask @AyalaMalls


Want to see Blake singing LIVE in concert in the Philippines? Here is their official tour schedule, catch us if you can! – December 14th
• Ayala Market Market – 4:00pm
• Ayala UP Town Center – 6:30 pm
December 15th
• Ayala Trinoma 4:00pm
• Ayala Glorietta (+ Rachelle Ann Go) 7:00PM
December 17th
• Depart for Cagayan de Oro
• Ayala Centrio Mall Show 4:00pm


Stephen 🙂 It stays super sunny in Manila till lunch time, then often clouds over from the humidity; no better time to grab a quick half hour of tanning than straight after breakfast! Gorgeous rooftop pool at our hotel, not bad!  Leaving for our first spundcheck in a bit, two BIG concerts today! Phew!

If one song could sum up that feeling of being blessed in what I do for a living, this would be it, I really am a very lucky boy; took a while to get here, with the help of everyone I know, not taking a moment of it for granted now. Ever grateful 🙂 This song pretty much sums up my mood today! 🙂


1471188_10152173498340466_1518476837_nDon’t miss BLAKE at 4pm today, at the Ayala Activity Centre, it’ll be a BIG show!


Anton's BD Spent tonight celebrating the birthday of our dear friend Anton & singing tooTweetNews from guys!!! Spent tonight celebrating the birthday of our dear friend Anton & singing too  — with Anton San Diego.



We all LOVE their OPM album  Why not let Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie know how much we love it by writing a review for them??? Just a few words from your heart♥
1. Manila
2. You are my Song
3. Say That You Love Me
4. Kailangan Kita
5. Don’t Know What To Say( Don’t Know What To Do)
6. Sa Isip Ko

Click link>Click on View in iTunes (under photo)>Click on Ratings and Review>Choose stars and say how you feel>click submit!


1463930_10152070650280129_2139571055_n 960119_10152070662335129_1580384604_n 1513822_10152070661905129_919777876_n

Awesome photos by GR Rodis  of BLAKE  and Joanna Ampil
She also has photos on ShowbizManila Instagram and Twitter
Please do not share her photos without giving her photo credit.

Anton San Diego The @bandblake with @joannaampil and rachelle ann go at last nights glorietta CD promo concertThanks Anton ♥
The @bandblake with @joannaampil and rachelle ann go at last nights glorietta CD promo concert Dec 15, 2013


on GMA TV 2013-12-15 15-21-50-021

BLAKE on GMA Sunday All Stars ♥
Thank you so much Lewel
Lewel Alvarado @iam_LeweLeweL 8m
@StephenBowman @TheBandBlake #Manila


bandicam 2013-12-15 23-23-58-245

BLAKE shares their feelings!!!
It was an honour to sing the OPM classic “Kailangan Kita” on ANC Showbiz TV this morning, we hope our Tagalog is understandable? We adore this love song so much, totally timeless and very romantic! Feel free to ‘like’ and ‘share’ 🙂

British group Blake sings ‘Kailangan Kita’

MANILA — Known for their classical-meets-pop style, the award-winning British group Blake is back in Manila for a unique cultural exchange.

On their fifth visit in the country, they are not just performing for music-loving Filipinos as the group has also released an album paying tribute to some of the most-loved OPM songs.

Included in the album is the Gary Valenciano original “Kailangan Kita,” which the group performed on “Mornings@ANC” on Monday.


bandicam 2013-12-16 00-16-32-798

❦Blake Passion♪♫ (@BlakePassion)

12/16/13, 12:08 AM

Thank you @AntonSD 💙 Blake and@JoannaAmpill performing Kailangan Kita ❤🎶from their OPM…HN

bandicam 2013-12-16 12-44-58-313

Thank you Anton ♥


bandicam 2013-12-16 01-16-56-451

Album of UK group Blake features Pinoy songs
British vocal group Blake recently held a series of successful mall shows in the country.

Members of the group studied the FIlipino language for two months for their shows, which aim to promote their album featuring OPM hits such as “Kailangan Kita,” “Sa Isip Ko” and “Manila.”
The international group studied Filipino language for two months for the said free concert to promote their album featuring OPM hits including “Kailangan Kita,” “Sa Isip Ko” and “Manila.” @ABSCBNNews: 
Album of UK group Blake features Pinoy songs


bandicam 2013-12-16 10-19-20-889

Stephen Bowman   We were recording a tv show for one of the Asian MTV channels today, when we were presented with our final task of the day, to wish the viewers a Merry Christmas; could I do it?….errr


bandicam 2013-12-16 19-09-43-612 bandicam 2013-12-16 19-09-49-008 bandicam 2013-12-16 19-10-05-926 bandicam 2013-12-16 19-10-09-955

If you weren’t able to join us in Manila for our concerts this year, here are a few short clips from the shows, featuring songs from our new OPM Album! Let’s share like crazy! 
~listen to your memories of their visit in Manila ♥♥♥
Download album here:


blake dec 17thGuys are in Cagayan de Oro Tuesday evening 🙂
British vocal group “Blake” will hold an evening of music at Centrio Mall on December 17, 6 PM.  They released their debut album in 2007 which won the Album of the Year at the Classical Brit Awards in 2008. One of their songs “Swing Low” was chosen as the official anthem of the England Rugby Team for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. The current members of Blake are (from left to right in the featured photo) Humphrey Barney, Ollie Baines, and Stephen Bowman.

They are also promoting a Tagalog OPM album (yes, they’re singing in it), with hits familiar to every Filipino, and Kagay-anon for that matter, songs like Manila, You are my Song, Say that you love me, Kailangan Kita, Don’t know what to do, and Sa Isip Ko.

Blake performing Manila

They are slated to tour Manila and Cagayan de Oro:
Blake will be spending two weeks in Manila this December, performing their new Tagalog songs live in concerts in and around the capital, plus a special trip to Cagayan de Oro, mixed in with appearances on the biggest tv shows in the Philippines.

The Band Blake at Centrio Mall

Centrio Mall was transformed into a concert venue last Tuesday, December 17, as the Band Blake entertained Kagay-anons with their songs and stories. Blake is a British vocal group known for being the singers at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. They’re also popular among Filipinos because of their latest album – a collection of Tagalog songs.

The group’s Centrio Mall show was packed with people. They gamely entertained the crowd with their songs. They have a different, interesting way of singing popular songs. The classics sound haunting and beautiful with their rich, full voices. Their artistry showed in every song they performed.

Blake also regaled the crowd with their playful way of entertaining. They know how to capture the audience’s attention. So even if it was your first time to hear them, you’ll feel like you’ve been listening to their songs for years. They’re the kind of vocal group that grows on you – the right way, of course!

The group ended their show with a powerful performance of Luciano Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, an aria from the opera “Turandot”. One of the most popular arias of all time, Nessun Dorma’s English translation is “None Shall Sleep”.

In lieu of tickets, the show organizers asked Kagay-anons to donate anything useful. Others opted to buy the group’s CD.

The Band Blake is currently composed of Humphrey Berney (a tenor), Stephen Bowman (bass-baritone), and Ollie Baines (tenor). According to reports, the band was formed through Facebook. The group is named after William Blake, an English poet the group admires.

(Photo from Centrio Mall’s Facebook Page.)

Blake’s Tagalog CD is now out


bandicam 2013-12-17 00-07-12-762 bandicam 2013-12-17 00-06-52-182 bandicam 2013-12-17 00-07-21-315

Manila ♥ 
Known for their classical-meets-pop style, Brit-award winning group, Blake is back in Manila for a unique cultural exchange. On their fifth visit, they are not just performing for music-loving Pinoys. They have also come out with an album paying tribute to some of the most-loved OPM songs.


Guys appeared om

Just posted 🙂 Behind the scenes photos on MYX

thumbnail (1) thumbnail (3) thumbnail (14)


bandicam 2013-12-17 23-37-28-183 bandicam 2013-12-17 23-39-57-617 bandicam 2013-12-17 23-40-35-177

     Our hearts we leave behind…

from Stephen♥   “A little video memento I created yesterday whilst traveling to Cagayan de Oro…”

bandicam 2013-12-18 20-37-50-604

Just a continuation of the visual memories I collected whilst traveling in the Philippines this week, set to music by Jon Hopkins



EXCLUSIVE NEWS…. Blake have been invited onto the Ryzza Mae TV show tomorrow, to perform ‘Manila’ and be interviewed by Ryzza, the seven year old host! This show is a massive success in Asia, so we’re very honoured to be invited on!


Good morning Philippines! We have an exciting day ahead, we’re appearing on the Ryzza Mae show!!! Want to go backstage and behind-the-scenes with us? Follow us on our BRAND NEW Instagram account: – come join us! 🙂
1531869_10151747628656533_582716310_n Bb0gZrkCYAAkD5B Bb0l0qzCUAEnFUw Bb0ldn6CQAE_kI0
Makipagkantahan naman tayo sa ating guest from UK<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 'let's sing with our guests from the UK...' smiling faces!
Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie on The Ryzza Mae Show December 19,2013
bandicam 2013-12-19 22-29-26-173
Singing Pusong Bato live on tv with Ryzza Mae Dizon, on her tv show. This is one we’ll be showing to our grandchildren in 50 years, amazing!
bandicam 2013-12-19 23-56-14-059

Di mo alam dahil sa yo

Ako’y hindi makakain

Di rin makatulog

Buhat ng iyong lokohin

Kung ako’y muling iibig

Sana’y di maging katulad mo

Tulad mo na may pusong bato

Viva Entertainment

British group Blake release OPM album 🙂


bandicam 2013-12-19 22-37-56-029

Rachel Ann Go & BLAKE sing ‘You Are My Song’ live in concert in Manila! As featured on our new OPM Album, out on iTunes now…